Poverty, Poverty, Poverty

Writing is medicine to any mans soul but especially to those that are less fortunate. It seems like when you are below that line of  income standards, you look towards other things to help you to deal with the reality of the struggles your in. For me writing poetry and just writing in general was the outlet that I used when I was going through some of the roughest times of my life.

Poverty is seems to be something that we all know exist yet we either don’t want to deal with the underlying issues of what causes poverty or we criticize poverty from the outside that we may or may not have ever been in. Poverty is a heavy topic that comes with many speculations. Some say that people are in poverty because they are lazy, don’t want to work, or that they want to just live off the system. Even though this maybe true for some of the people in poverty, that doesn’t mean that this speaks for every person in poverty.

There are plenty of people that do desire to get out of poverty. There are plenty of people who work more than one job trying to dig themselves out of poverty, that the system doesn’t always make it the easiest to actually get out of. What about the children that have no choice of who they were born to, is it their fault that they are in poverty?

To me poverty has always touched my heart because poverty is one of the things that I have known for most of my life. My heart not only aches but also resonates for the people that are in poverty, whether that be in the ghetto living in the projects,  living in trailer courts, or even being homeless.  I have been in each of these places in various points of my life and I know what its like to want more for your life but no one hears your cry because their to busy pointing a finger with stereotypes that aren’t true.

The thing that blows my mind is how some in the world are quick to point out the problems of poverty but have yet to come up with a solution. Instead I feel like we are getting closer and closer to people in poverty being seen as outcast and being cast out from the standards of the world. To think that we have billionaires, millionaires, to think that fortune 500 companies make loads of money year after year, and yet we have no headway into helping those in poverty that want to help themselves. How do we have enough money to pay for sports and entertainment but not enough money to pay for schools, programs, shelters, and things that could actually help people in America?

Recently  I came across an article that was written by the University of California about the The Current Poverty Rate In the United States which stated that the poverty rate in the United States was 14.3 percent meaning that 43.1 million Americans are in poverty. The article has many other interesting points including the fact that this number doesn’t include Americas homeless people.  I thought to myself how much bigger this number truly would be if they did include the amount of homeless people in America with the amount in poverty.

Poverty is a deeply rooted pain that far extends beyond my lifetime but it is something that needs to be talked about. It is something that we need to face is real and that it will only get worse unless we as people stand up together for those that cant stand for themselves. This is more than black or white, rich or poor, this is about humanity. We have lost compassion, and instead of replaced it with judgement.

But, those were just a few thoughts on poverty. The real reason I wanted to do this post is to share with you a poem that I wrote about poverty. Below you will see a video that speaks truth and gives vulnerability into some of the things that I have been through.

I hope you enjoy it 🙂

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