10 Positive Affirmations for Self Love

Self love has so much misconceptions behind the term itself, even in the definitions it describes self love as conceit and narcissism.  The question however is why. Why is having love for ourselves seen as a sign of conceit, when it seems that in order to love at all we must first know how to love ourselves. How does the standards of the world expect us to continually love others but never take time to also love ourselves to. After all, how can we feed into the lives of the ones we love or the people around us if we first don’t love and feed into our own lives?

Self love seems to be an issue in the world and it seems to be because we are taught by the world that others are always to come before us, and that if we love ourselves we are selfish, conceited, and full of ourselves. However I believe that there are variations of self love that are healthy and unhealthy. The unhealthy version would of course be  when you are so full of yourself that you just have a nasty attitude, put others down constantly, don’t think of anyone other than yourself, and  consider yourself to be higher than everyone else.  This is a very unhealthy version of self love because it doesn’t make time or balance out anything other than everything being about you.  The healthy version of self love is being able to balance out making time to love yourself, but also being down to earth enough to love and care for the things around you. It’s knowing that hey its okay to take care of myself because If I don’t make time for me I won’t at all be fueled enough to be beneficial for anyone else.  Healthy self love is being able to know that you are worth loving, growing, and being the best you that you can be.

If we don’t take care of ourselves who do we expect to do it? If we are constantly on the go, and doing for everyone else but for ourselves we end up running thin on everything. We can begin to resent the things around us, have not so good attitudes, and feel overwhelmed by life because we haven’t taken the time to get our own hearts, minds, and lives together.

A great example maybe for instance mothers. Mothers are constantly putting everything or everyone before themselves because we are the lovers and the caretakers. But, somehow over a period of time we begin to feel drained, overworked, and unappreciated. Then before you know it some mothers may end up taking that frustration out on the things around them or maybe even themselves.


The biggest issue that I have noticed when it comes to self love is that we feel GUILTY about it. We feel guilty about spending time with ourselves and taking care of ourselves in the best optimal state. It’s amazing how we can be extremely exhausted caring for others and never feel guilty about it, but the moment we do something for ourselves we feel like terrible people that shouldn’t be taken a break from our to do list, or from the to do list of others.

So, I wanted to provide 10 Positive Affirmations about self love that will help you to knock off the guilty feeling and retrain your mind into knowing that loving yourself is perfectly fine.


First the art of positive affirmations, if you don’t know the power of positive affirmations you should check out this post about Benefits of Daily Affirmations that will give you a little more detail on what positive affirmations are and how they actually benefit your life and can change your life when you do them on a daily basis. The great thing about positive affirmations is that you can use them for anything in your life, for yourself, job, others, finances, children, and even relationships.






Self Love Positive Affirmation #1


Remember that no matter what obstacles, jobs, or to do list that you do for anyone else that you are worthy enough to be able to handle and receive from those life circumstances that you expect. You are worthy enough to be able to be the best versions of yourself that you can be.


Self Love  Positive Affirmation #2self-love-affirmation-2

It is extremely important to tell yourself that you are more than capable of loving others but also in loving yourself to. This is a great affirmation to say daily, so that when you begin to feel defeated or you begin to feel like you can’t do something, you can remember that you are in fact capable of doing that and so much more in your day to day life.


Self Love Positive Affirmation #3


Everyday you should tell yourself that you are beautiful both on the inside and outside, despite what others say or what the standards of the world is. We have to feel empowered with being beautiful just the way we are and that starts with accepting yourself for who you are both inside and out.

Self Love  Positive Affirmation #4


One of the biggest excuses of why we don’t show ourselves more love is that we don’t have time to do it. Truthfully we do have time we just have to find the time to do it. We can find more time for ourselves by scheduling certain slots of time just for ourselves before we do anything for anyone else. Maybe it’s saying no once or twice, or rearranging your schedule to make it work. We can however do it, if we begin to see that time for ourselves is chances to rejuvenate our own selves.  Its important to remind yourself that you can make time for yourself, even if it something simple like taking a walk or reading a book.


Self Love Positive Affirmation #5


Reminding yourself that you are free and in control of your life is another form of self love. So many times we allow others opinions to control our actions and thoughts of ourselves. Telling yourself you are free everyday will not only help you to move towards freedom and healing but will also give you the power to know that you are the controller of your destiny, time, and actions. Facing the fact that self love is knowing that you get to be the one to choose what does and doesn’t belong in your life, making you free from any guilt.  Don’t allow yourself or someone else to make you feel guilty for wanting to be free to love yourself, life, or anything that you choose to love.

Self Love Positive Affirmation #6


When we are working on loving ourselves we should also soak in the thought that we deserve good things in our lives in all aspects of our lives. We tend to think that we don’t deserve to have good things happen to us, if maybe we have been through a lot in life. No matter what you have been through or what people try to tell you deserve, it’s up to you to know your own standard of what you deserve or what you want in your life.

Self Love Positive Affirmation #7


Reminding yourself what you are not is apart of self love to. We tend to hold on to mistakes that we have made or on to the the things that we have been through for so long that it begins to damage who we are on the inside. You are not the mistakes that you have made and you are not your past, the more you say this to yourself the more you will begin to remember what you are instead of what you are not.



I am able to believe in myself is a statement that you should say because part of loving yourself is believing in who you are as an entire individual. You have to believe in the things that you are capable of doing. Believe in yourself to stand on what you believe in for yourself and anything that you may be passionate about. Love yourself enough to believe in you.



There is a huge difference between being self confident and being conceited.Sometimes we get these mixed up due to all the misconceptions about it. But as I was mentioning in the beginning, there is a healthy way to be confident and a unhealthy one. Undoubtedly ,you need to tell yourself that you are confident in who you are, through doing so you begin to have a love for yourself that allows you to carry yourself in a whole new way.




Please love yourself enough to know that you are strong enough to not only love yourself but love others to. Whenever you get to the point that you don’t feel like you are, remember that God is your strength to, and he will give you the strength and the love you need to pour into yours and others lives.






Self love is important, loving yourself is one of the many attributes that help you flourish in life. Take the time to love yourself everyday because you are worth it.


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Philippians 4:13


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