Your Time Is Now

Your time is NOW. The time is now to do the things that you have been saying you want to do, you were going to do, you wanted to try, you wanted to change, you wanted to let goof,  you wanted to move forward on, whatever the situation or statement maybe for you that you have continued to talk about year after year.

Your time is NOW to let go of just talking about it. The time is now to let go of anything keeping you from doing what it is you want to do with your life. How many excuses are you going to make? How many times are you going to tell yourself your going to do it when this gets right or that gets right? How many times are you going to blame it on other things and other people? How many times are you going to bring up the past?

Your time is Now to do the things you have been saying that you were going to do. How long are you willing to wait? How long are you going to keep starting over or never starting at all? How long are you going to let the people and things around you hold you back? How long are you going to stop you from getting you to where you want to be in life?


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This looks differently for everyone what I dream of, am, or was created to do is not the same as what you have dreamed of, are, or was created to do. However, that doesn’t mean that in our differences we don’t have similarities that cause us to understand, grow, and connect with one another.  Meaning that we all may say these things to ourselves going on our own journies but that doesn’t mean that on our separate journies we can’t tell each other what we need to hear.

Right now, the statement the time is Now is one that we all need to hear, that I needed to hear several times to start making myself take the steps that I needed to take. The steps that I am continuing to work on even right now.

Your time is Now to make the steps that you need to make to accomplish, improve, and grow to be the person you want to be, are meant to be, and do the things that you want to do. This could be you getting in shape, healthy, this could be you getting that job or opening that business you wanted, this could be you wanting to make it in sports, this could be you wanting to make it in music. I mean this could be anything you wanted to improve. Maybe, it’s learning to do yoga, meditate, be more natural, meet new people, travel. The things that you want to accomplish those are the things that you must begin to work on NOW.

We don’t have forever. That’s the sad reality of it. Another sad but true reality is that nobody knows when their time is going to come. So why do we want to continue to ask ourselves these questions or stop ourselves from doing it, knowing that we don’t have forever? Do we really want to waste our lives? Do we really want to get to the end saying I wish I would have or why didn’t I?

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The time is now to begin to make those steps toward it. The question is why do some people make those steps and why don’t others? This really began to intrigue me.

So, I decided to do some research on why some people fail and some people succeed. I came across many great books and articles that were very informative and eye opening. Gathering all those together I came to the bottom conclusion that it is our minds. Our minds in which determine our actions. Actions in which must be taking in order to get to that success. The actions in which successful people whether doing it legit or not are taking necessary actions.

One of the articles that stood out to me was this article by titled Why Some People Fail and Others Succeed?

The excerpt from the article that really hit me was the following;

Why is it that some good people seem to have so little while the dishonest seem to have so much? Why is it that the drug dealers and the mob members and the criminal element in our society are driving Rolls-Royces while many are struggling to make the payments on their inexpensive compacts? If our desire to succeed is as strong as theirs, and if we have the added virtues of philosophical refinement and emotional sophistication, why are we not all doing better than they are?

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The answer might well be that we do not work at achieving our goals, and they do. We do not take all that we are to the marketplace and put it to work. They do. We do not stay up late at night developing new plans to achieve our dreams and work hard day after day to make those dreams a reality. They do. We do not learn all that we possibly can about our industry and our markets. They do. We do not make every effort to get around the right sources of influence, to associate with those people who can help us to achieve our goals. They do. While we are dreaming about the promise of the future, they are doing something about it. Granted, they might be doing the wrong things, but they are doing consistently and with an intensity and a level of commitment that would put many of us to shame.

Evil always rushes in to fill the void created by the absence of good. The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing, and unfortunately, that is what too many good people choose to do. It is our lack of intense, disciplined activity that has allowed evil to flourish and good men to flounder. If life does not seem fair sometimes, we have no one to blame but ourselves.

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It requires our minds in order to begin to have daily disciplined activity. Are you willing to give up sleep? Are you willing to say no to something that you don’t need? Are you willing to be uncomfortable? Are you willing to be alone? Are you willing to step out on faith?   Are you willing to learn something new? Are you willing to never give up? Are you willing to accept change? Are you willing to sacrifice? Are you willing to endure?

What is it that you are willing to do to be who you want to be and where you want to be? Really you are already you, you just have to learn to make you a better you to get you to a better place in your life.

Your time is NOW to begin to learn How To Work On Your Dream Every day. The time is now to do what makes you happy. The time is now to think big so that you can do big things. Just because you have been through hard times, people may have done you wrong, hurt you, whatever it is that doesn’t mean that you can’t find something new to be for you. Those things may be a part of you, but those things don’t make you who you are.

So, NOW is the time to fight for you. To start winning for YOU. The time is NOW to start living for you. To start loving for you. The time is NOW to be who God created you to be.


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What is something that you are working on doing now?

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