List Of Ideas For Creating Your Vision For Your Life


Vision, some would say that it has something to do with your eyes and getting an eye exam once a year. Some may not even worry about their vision because they believe they can perfectly see 20/20. But some may not know that vision is far more than getting a yearly eye exam, vision is also seeing  something beyond what is in front of you. The verb definition of vision means to imagine. So a vision is something that you imagine happening. A vision ties in with of course a dream, because the vision is the thing that contributes to the dream that you have for your life.  However, the issue is that many of us do not have a overall vision or a dream that we are striving towards on a daily basis. There are a lot of us that are going aimlessly everyday with no direction, ambition, or drive to do anything beside the mediocre.

Maybe, there is a reasoning behind why some people dream of greater and why some are okay with settling. Maybe it’s fear, maybe it’s the thought of failure or self doubt, that keep people from developing a vision in the first place.

Well no matter the negative assumptions that we may have of fear, self doubt, fear, or even procrastination, we all deserve to have a vision of what we want our lives to be like.

How do we begin to create a vision for our lives you ask?   Today’s post compiles a list of excellent posts about Creating A Vision For Your Life.


List Of Ideas For Creating A Vision For Your Life


  1. This post from the Huffington Post titled Why You Need To Create Visions(Not Just Goals). Gives a straight to the point explanation  of why it is important to have a vision and how you can start your vision just by simply reviewing core values, passions and more.


2. The post from LifeHack  titled  The Best Way To Create A Vision For the Life You Want. This post takes a different approach with giving you question prompts that cause you to dig deep into your own self.

your vision of where or who you want to be is the greatest asset you have

3.  A post found on Corbett Barr post  entitled How To Create A Vision For Your Life  breaks the difference between long term goals and visions. This post also has various questions and discusses categories for a vision as well.

When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive – to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love.
–Marcus Aurelius


4.Micheal Hyatt post Why Vision Is More Important Than Strategy ,  gives not only his perspective but testimony on how he changed the course of his direction by incorporating a vision verses when he had known. One of the best things about this post is how Michael combines his faith and trust for God  in the vision making.

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5. This post on Forbes website features a post by Mr. Koetter, which is titled How To Create A Powerful Vision For Change.  This post includes a video of John speaking himself on different types of changes and how we ourselves can begin seeking these changes which are required to do in order to accomplish the vision.

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You see no matter the approach that you may take the end result is to create a vision so powerful that it will motivate you each and everyday to accomplish. If you don’t have some connection on what it is you do and don’t like, want or don’t want for your life, how can you know if the way you are living or what you are accepting is you living up to your potential. Quiet the noise of the world around you and take the time to go within. No matter where you are now or the things that you have been through, you still are worthy of having a vision and accomplishing your dreams. Don’t let the things that you have been through or the things that you don’t have, set you back from all the things that you could have.

Fight for your life with a vision. Fight for that vision with making small changes and steps towards that overall vision each and everyday. One of the biggest keys to having a successful vision is being able to have the FAITH to know that it will surely come to pass.


Create Your Vision today and let nothing stop you.

What is something that you have a vision about?

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