Your Life. Your Chapters. Your Story

I sit here staring at this screen wondering what in the world to say. I can’t seem to get my thoughts straight because so many things are running through my mind. I am thinking about where I am at in my life right now and where I desperately want to be, but yet happy for how far I have come in my life thus far. It can sometimes be overwhelming though when you are looking at how far you have to go to actually get to where you really want to be. I can’t help but to think about how many more steps must be taken, how many more changes I have to make in order to truly see massive progress in my life.  As I was thinking about what to write I couldn’t help but to come across the thought of life and the chapters in which life encompasses.  I think about all the chapters in my life that were created either for me or ones that I choose myself. I think  about how there are so many intricate details the are woven together by the people, places, circumstances, mistakes,successes, failures and many more things that have played apart in each separate chapter in my life. I couldn’t help but to ask myself what chapter my life is in now. I couldn’t help but to think of what my life  will become. Will it be a best seller or will it be some dusty book that never gets opened and stays on the shelf?

Then to think about the chapters that had to end no matter how long you actually wanted them to continue. The chapters you started but never finished, or even the ones that never had a chance to begin. How somehow each one of these chapters make up your overall story,  and can be something looked at as overcoming or daunting depending on the way that you look at it.

How many chapters of your book do you wish that you could relive or even the ones that you want to completely get rid of? Realizing that the way you perceive these chapters is ultimately  the cause of how you perceive yourself and the world around you. What makes these chapters wrong or right, is there even a wrong or right to these chapters when all of them play up to who you are?

Could it be that we get caught up in so much of the bad parts within these chapters that we let those prevent us from seeing the good parts trickled throughout? Why do we get so caught up in the bad that we never seem to see that the bad parts is what helped us to appreciate all the good.

I think about how many times I relived those bad chapters in my life. I think about how much I have allowed the bad parts to steal the happiness from my overall story. Its almost like you begin to notice so much of the bad that it does nothing but continue to replay in your heart and mind like a broken record playing on a record track. To think how much these chapters have kept me stuck to the point of stopping me from beginning to write any new chapters in my life.

So what do you when you can’t move past the bad chapters in your life? So what do you do when you don’t know how to create more of the good because you’ve been so used to looking at all the bad?

YOU START WRITING WHAT YOU WANT FOR YOUR LIFE. You start by taking the story of your life in your own hands and creating parts of your life story that you want to manifest.




So many times we allow the things or people around us to write parts of our stories for us or to criticize the parts of the story that we write for ourselves. We end  up altering what we really want our stories to be to please others or because we think for some reason we are not capable of manifesting what we really want for ourselves.

But that’s thing, we can have what we really want for ourselves if we are willing to create it. If we are willing to say to ourselves that no matter how our story started, no matter how many bad parts that have taken place, that we still have the POWER within to create anything that we believe that we can do.

That is just it. We must BELIEVE! We must BELIEVE in our stories. We must BELIEVE that despite all the bad that there is still good. We must BELIEVE that we are worthy of living in abundance. We must BELIEVE that our past doesn’t determine our future. We must BELIEVE in who we are and what we can do.  We must BELIEVE that we are in CONTROL of our life story nothing more, nothing less.




Sometimes I know that its hard to believe that we deserve more than what was given to us by our parents, the trials and tribulations, or the negative things people have said to us. But we do deserve more, we deserve to have the best and be the best in all that we do.

Remembering that everyone’s story is not the same. Remembering not to allow all the bad or the negative to chip away our inner souls and change us for the bad. Remembering to not let anyone have that much power over us that they determine the direction of our lives.  Remembering that we only get one chance to actually write this story.

No matter where you find yourself today, no matter where you have been remember that your life is in your hands. You can change your story. You can determine whether you will on your own create more good then bad parts. You can live to the fullest. You can determine what it is that makes you happy and how you want your own life to look.


Don’t let the past or the worlds standards make you second guess who you are. Don’t let the naysayers that tell you can’t stop you from believing that you can. Don’t let what you think you don’t have stop you from seeing what you do have that can help you get to where your going. Don’t let you stop you from you being  greater. After-all, you are the only one that can determine whether or not your story will be a best seller or a dusty book on a shelf.

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What chapter in your life will you start writing today?


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