What’s Love Got To Do With It?(A Whole Lot)

Yesterday was love day and today is just another day but does that mean that we stop showing love today just because it’s not a national holiday? No, it doesn’t mean we stop loving, it doesn’t, mean we stop showing love to our partners or the ones around us. So, why do we make a big deal of Valentine’s day anyway when love should be expressed on a daily basis?

It’s crazy that once a year we get in a frantic frenzy trying to purchase the best gifts in an attempt to show how much we love someone. We go all out buying chocolate, the biggest stuffed animals, roses, rooms, rings and more trying to showcase this.  Thinking if we get nothing or we get something small it means we don’t love someone.

But the question is when did materials take the place of the true meaning of love? When did the value of love become about how big or how many gifts we give or get?

Isn’t love worth more? Isn’t love a feeling that money isn’t supposed to be able to buy? They why do we feel we have to buy love?



Now, this isn’t a post on anti-valentines day lol. This is a post to get back to the basics of what love really is and how we should allow the simple fact of showing our affections is all that love is.

If we wrap love in showcasing it once a year only, do you think that love would last?

What about the people who have the biggest hearts for love but not enough money in their pockets does that make their love any less? Isn’t it possible that people could be single or alone on Valentine’s day? Does it mean that they can’t be shown love or express love for themselves just because they are not with someone?

What about the people who are sorrowful because the love of their life is no longer here, does that make them not good enough to be celebrated or loved on Valentine’s Day?

So, what does love got to do with it? Well, a whole lot.

Love has everything to do with it because the vulnerability of love is what the world has used to somehow exploit sales of these gifts. They have managed to prey off one of our strongest emotions so that they could simply make money.

That’s why I go to say that love has everything to do with but one day out of the year with gifts doesn’t.

Love should be celebrated every day. Not necessarily by giving something but by showing something.

Why not take the initiative to make someone feel loved on a daily basis just by a simple act.

Below you will find a list of simple ways to show love to a partner or to just anyone you love.


Simple Ways To Show Love 

1. Saying good morning/good night

2. Giving a kiss or a hug

3. Just letting someone know that your there for them and support them

4.Speaking positively to them and lifting them up with compliments or just words of encouragement

5.Opening the door for them

6.Caring more about what they want sometimes then what you do

7.Asking them how their day was

8.Giving a smile

9.Sending a card to let them know your thinking about them

10. Giving eye contact and communicating with them

These are just some few simple gestures that you can do to show someone love that doesn’t necessarily have to be on a certain day or have anything to do with buying anything. Also remembering that God loves you unconditionally and he asks for nothing in return to receive the abundant love that he has for you. For the ones who didn’t receive anything for Valentine’s day or isn’t with someone please remember that doesn’t determine your value. We must first love ourselves anyway before we can love anyone else. Don’t let that day make you feel bad but instead let it empower you to work on self-lovelet it empower you to work on self-love or showing love to others because you never know how a simple act of love or kindness can change your world or someone else’s.

We shouldn’t feel pressured to have to prove our love with things because after all love is not bought it is felt.

Show Love With Simple Acts.png

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How was your Valentine’s Day? How will you show love each day after that?


4 thoughts on “What’s Love Got To Do With It?(A Whole Lot)

  1. Greetings Beautiful One!
    Muchas gracias! I wholeheartedly agree with you in this gorgeous post! The love we show on Valentine’s show flow throughout the year, in every phase of our lives. You’ve expressed the thought in such wonderful words. It’s like clicking into an After-Valentine’s gift!
    Amor y Luz,

    Liked by 1 person

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