Just enjoy the journey of life and How To ( through the good and the bad)


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Just enjoy the journey of life, that maybe easy to say when everything in life seems to be going peachy but it seems nearly impossible to say when life doesn’t seem to be going good.  Sometimes the statement live every day like your last seems to be a little overrated, what does this statement mean exactly? What it may mean to you may not be the same as what it may mean to me? Which is why the statement ” Just enjoy the journey of life” came to my mind. This statement speaks to not only making the most out of life but enjoying it through the good and the bad times as well.

If we think about what the journey of life entails we realize that the journey is not meant to be just some smooth ride but instead more like a roller coaster ride of loops and turns.  The loops and turns which consist of a plethora of the good, bad, ugly, successes, failures, the stops, setbacks, and come ups.  The roller coaster of life that takes us in whatever direction it pleases.  Enjoying the journey of life is like that roller coaster. We may really want to get on it because it looks cool, but at the same time we maybe a little fearful of how it looks, yet we still get on it. After getting on it, our adrenaline is pumping, the nervousness still comes, yet no matter how scared we are we still manage to end up enjoying the ride no matter how scary it may have been before we got on the ride.

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Life is like that, we never know what to expect yet we are given each day that we breathe a chance to enjoy the ride on the journey of life.  It may seem at times that it’s hard to enjoy life but even in the bad we can learn, grow, and sometimes even laugh through it.

When I look back on my life I can say that going through the hard times I felt that my life was over. I felt like I was tired of going one step forward but taking 10 steps back. But now as I look back I am so thankful for the bad times and realize not only did I learn more from the bad times, I realized that they were there for a reason.  I was able to do more to benefit my life with the bad than I did with the good. I just think that the challenges I have faced have helped shape me more than when things were running smoothly.

To think about how vulnerable, immature, and unprepared for the harshness of the world I would have been in , if I would have had everything handed to me, and everything running smoothly. To think my life would be harder and more complicated this way then it was for me to go through the hard times learn and be prepared for the realities of life.

Ask yourself where you would be without the hard times? Would you know as much as you know? Would you be as strong as you are? Wise as you are? Could you know how to deal with the struggles of life if you never been through a struggle before?

No matter the good or the bad, the key is to teach yourself how to enjoy it no matter what.


Below you will find ways to start just enjoying the journey of life




1. The start of enjoying life is to first accept the fact that both good and bad will happen. We can not expect our lives to be perfect because nothing in this world is perfect.  So preparing our minds for the realities of imperfections will help us to better deal with them when they come are way.




2.Don’t worry through life instead pray through life. One of the biggest things that will stop us from enjoying anything is constantly worrying. Worrying does nothing for our lives but cause additional stress, which could cause health issues if we do too much of it. Plus 9/10 the things we worry so much about don’t even happen. Instead, take on the mentality of praying your way through the storm instead of worrying your way through it, afterall it will make you feel better than worrying.



3. Focus on the good and not the bad. I have learned the more you look and focus on the bad the more it seems to intensify. The reason it seems to intensify is because you’re focusing on the bad and what’s going wrong instead of looking for the good and what’s actually going right. If you change your focus watch how much your view, mood, and life begins to change.



4.Make your own joy. If you are not happy or are just in the day to day routine which can get old and daunting sometimes, begin to do something spontaneous and out of the box. Try doing something that you have always wanted to do but haven’t. Soak in some fresh air, reading a book, taking a new direction to work, listening to different types of music. Find something no matter big or small that will put a smile on your face.

Create Your Own.png

5. Try bringing joy to someone else’s day. After all,  they say we become happier by celebrating someone else’s happiness versus always focusing on ourselves, our world, and our problems. Just see how different you feel by giving, enjoying, or just simply being in the presence of someone else’s world.


6. Remember that you only have one life to live. Do you want to spend your life worrying, stressing, angry, sad, defeated, doubting? Or do you want to spend your life being joyful, at peace, thriving, courageous, and undefeated? Really the choice is all up to you.


you-only-have-one-life-so-make-the-most-of-it(  photo credit:EricaMonroePhotography)




These are just a few simple things that you can begin teaching yourself to just simply start enjoying more out of life. It is something that has to be practiced every day especially when you have come from darkness, struggle, brokenness, loneliness, and more. Those things were subconsciously learned by the things that we have been through, now it’s time to retrain our subconscious into knowing that we can enjoy the journey of life both good and bad. We deserve happiness no matter how many storms we have been through, and it begins by changing our mindsets and allowing ourselves to be happy. Sometimes when we are used to the bad and things not going right we think we don’t deserve happiness, but the truth is God created us to live an abundant life. The abundance first comes from our hearts and our minds.

Take the steps today to just enjoy your life. There is joy in each day if we are willing to look for it, and some days we may have to look harder but it is always there if we are just open to it.

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What do you find Joy in? How will you begin to find joy in your day?



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