How To Never, Never, Never Give Up






There are going to be many things in life that will try to knock us off our feet, turn us around, and can cause us to completely take a left turn. There are going to be times that we question who we are and what in the world we are supposed to be doing on this earth. There will be times where we feel defeated questioning why we take 1 step forward but get knocked 10 steps back. There will be times that life hits you right where it hurts. There will be times you are up, times that you are down. There will be times that you feel like you have it all together, times that you feel like your falling apart. Life will make you just want to throw in the towel because you feel like your not getting anywhere, or that problems just won’t let up. The key however as Winston Churchill says is to ” Never, never, never give up”.

That’s the hard concept to grasp sometimes when it seems like your going through a lot. It’s a hard concept to grasp say if you were out of work, living pay check to pay check, being exhausted by work&life, being as some say a broke college student, losing someone you love and the list of things can go on and on. When your in the heat of the moment of these things, and they just seem to keep hitting you out of nowhere it’s hard to tell yourself not to give up when somehow all you can think about is quitting. The idea of quitting to our subconscious minds seems to be the answer to just making life a little easier to deal with, but in all actuality quitting only makes it harder.

Think of life as a boxing match. The people in the ring are of course both you, and life standing there. Think of each round being a chapter in your life that has either ended or began new. Now with knowing that your in the ring with life, that each sound of the bell is when something has either started or ended, think about what has to happen in order for a fight to even exist. You have to get hit. Think of everything that life has to throw at you as the punches that you are encountering. You may get a punch of losing something, a punch of self- doubt, a punch of naysayers, a punch of a closed door, a punch of the words like you can’t or you won’t. Think of anything that has ever come in your life as the body shots, head shots, jabs, right hooks, and left hooks.   Then in knowing this think about the fact that you may not win every round. Think about the fact that even greats like Muhammed Ali have been knocked down in life and in the ring a time or two. Think about the fact that even though life keeps throwing punches and you may get bruised up or knocked down, that you have the capabilities to also throw punches to.

The punches you throw in the ring are the ones that you use to come against everything that life is throwing at you. Every time you choose to have confidence instead of self-doubt you throw a punch. Every time you choose to have faith.  Every time you choose to say something positive to yourself. Every time you choose to act instead of making excuses. Every time you choose to make a way out of no way. Every time you choose to persevere you throw a punch. Just think that every time you choose to do something opposite of what life tries to tell you or do to you, you are throwing punches back.

When you choose to get up even though you get knocked down you throw a punch. Even when your back is up against the ropes,  and you find a way to overcome the position you are in you throw a punch. But just think the ultimate knockout comes from the fact that you never, never, never, give up. The ultimate win comes from learning from each round and getting better, wiser, stronger as you go on to the next rounds. It’s being able to have resilence even when you don’t feel like fighting anymore.

Even though you may be up against the toughest rounds in your life that doesn’t mean that you just stand there and let life have its way with you. Would you really stand in the ring or against anything and just let it continually hit you without doing anything? I don’t believe that you would let that happen. So, why let life beat you up to the point that you feel like giving up?

You must NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, GIVE UP.  You must never give up because the things, people, and yourself are worth fighting for. You must never give up because if you quit that means you just settle for anything. You must never give up because you only have one life to live.

There were many times in my life I felt and almost did give up. When my mom recently passed away I could have easily given up on life, considering that she was my rock. I could have easily thrown in the towel but I didn’t. When I started blogging and didn’t know much about it or how to get it off the ground, I could have given up. Being a single mother and having the difficulties that I have, I could easily give up. Instead, I use all the obstacles as fuel to help me to continue to move forward in my life. I have developed the mindset that no matter what happens to me good or bad, I must not only keep moving forward but I must also never, never, never give up.

Below you will find tips and lessons that I have learned over the years that have helped me to get back when I’ve been knocked down. That have helped me to not give up but instead rise to the occasion. You will also find some quotes and videos  on why you shouldn’t give up and how to keep going when things get tough.



NeverNeverNeverGIve Up.png


1. Remember Your Why

The biggest thing that has helped me in not giving up is remembering why it is that I am doing it in the first place. There have been plenty of days that I want to give up but then I look at my kids and remember why I am doing it in the first place. Remember why you want to do whatever it is that you want to do. If you have to write it down and post it where ever possible on the mirror or the fridge, to give you motivation when you feel like quitting do it.


RememberYour Why.png

2. Think Of Something Bigger Than Yourself

When I stopped focusing on me so much and focused on the bigger picture of life it helped me to get my thoughts back into perspective. I did this sometimes through volunteering or simply remembering that there is someone in the world who is going through so much more than I am.


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 3. Keeping Faith and Praying 

I could honestly say that without a relationship with God I would have given up a long time ago. My relationship with Christ has been one of the biggest motivators in my life. To remind myself every day through confirming biblical truths has helped me to reshape my mind from brokenness, defeat, doubt and more into all things that are good. Praying helps me to keep myself from worrying. Everything I have prayed about God has answered me. It may not have been when or how I was expecting it but he has always come through for me.


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4. Having A Support System

We all need people in our lives that are going to uplift, be positive, and encourage us when we are feeling down and out. Sometimes when we don’t have a support system we must go and create one for ourselves. I had to create one through getting close to teachers at school, people at church, creating relationships with people in the community, getting to know people that have become great friends. Bottom line is that we can’t face life alone, and it is better sometimes to have a team than it is to try to conquer the world all by ourselves.

Have A Support System.png

5. Always Be Learning 

Get out and learn something new every single day. Put yourself in circumstances and environments that you are not used to. You have to learn new techniques and things so that you can be able to know how to face obstacles. Look at mistakes you have made and learn from them. Look at the mistakes that people before you have made and learn from them, to save yourself the trouble. Being able to prepare yourself ahead of time mentally, emotionally, and spiritually will better equip you so that when or if the same things happen to you, you don’t easily give up.

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6. Let No One Stop You

Let’s face the fact that if you are in the pursuit of your dreams, or even changing there are going to be people that don’t believe in you. There are going to be people that will try to stop you from doing what it is that you want with negative comments that may make you doubt yourself. But don’t let them win. If you believe in something, if you want to change something, go after it with your whole heart and don’t let what people say or do stop you from doing what it is that you want to do with your life. After all, it’s your life, not theirs.

LEt No One Stop y.png



Life is hard but that doesn’t mean that it is not possible to learn to thrive even in the midst of the storms that we may encounter in life. Life will only get worse if we give in to it and decide to give up. You have to remember that anything worth having is going to be hard. You have to remember that you only get one chance at life to go after everything you have always wanted for your life. If you give up you fail, but if you have the courage to keep going you will succeed. Each and every step that you take forward, every time that you decide to get back up even after falling, you succeed. So, never, never, never give up because you are worth fighting for.

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