What I learned from finally letting go of fear and facing my obstacles head on (and how you can too)

Obstacles are something that we face every single day. It’s true to say that no matter the amount of money, status, environment, and race, there will always be something that we have to come face to face with in our lives. Sometimes these obstacles can be things like learning something or even getting rid of old habits. No matter what it may be obstacles come and obstacles go, but the key to overcoming these obstacles is our minds. The fact that most obstacles we think are obstacles are actually not even obstacles, but something that we sometimes create obstacles because of the way that we look at them.  Today for me was a rude awakening on how much my mind actually contributes to what I view as an obstacle and how my mind has the power to either stop me or help me to conquer the issue at hand.

So, I am in the stages of getting really serious with my fitness level and health and have been working out with a personal trainer twice a week.  Now, I am not extremely out of shape but I am no fitness expert either. Each time I come to work out I have to constantly  remind myself why I am chasing after a better habit and lifestyle. Well, today was probably one of the most challenging days for me, not so much because of the workout but because of the things that I had to conquer in my mind in order to do the workout.

Today my trainer made me do box jumps. These box jumps had different heights a small one and a medium one. I was supposed to start in a lower squatting position and then jump up with both feet onto the box. When I tried the first time without thinking I was able to do it, but then when I went to try the second time I hesitated and began to doubt my ability to do it again. Before you know it the second time of hesitation became 4, 6,10 or more attempts of me having the desire of wanting to jump on the box but hesitating to even get my feet off the ground. My mind then began to go into this downward spiral of I can’t do it, this isn’t possible, what if I fall, and the list of doubt began to just pile up. I basically looked at this medium size box and began to feel not only defeated but incapable of doing it even though I was telling myself that I must do it.

In the midst of this hesitation, doubt, and fear I couldn’t help but to think of why in the world I was hesitating when I had already done it once. I couldn’t seem to understand why I was doubting my ability. I also began to get off focus and began to think about the past, and all the negative things that people have said to me or negative things that I have said to myself, that were also contributing to my inability to just jump in this moment. That’s when I realized that my mind and my thoughts had more power in my life than I was noticing. I began to see that because I was doubting, fearing, and telling myself that I couldn’t do it, the more I hesitated to actually just do it. In that moment I was choosing to let the obstacle get the best of me. In that moment I was choosing to let negativity control my mindset. I was choosing to let the past be the controller of my present. Because of this, I was stopping myself from doing something that deep down inside I knew that I could do if I just allowed myself to do it.


So,  I ended up doing a prep talk to myself in my mind. I began to tell myself that my dreams are bigger than my problems. I began to tell myself that this obstacle is not in control over me. I began to tell myself that my past is over that I am not those things that people have told me that I am. I began to tell myself that it’s now or never. I began to tell myself that if you quit now you will never succeed. I began to tell myself that God is my strength. I began to tell myself that I am capable of doing it but that I must believe.

Then BOOM out of nowhere it was like a surge of energy that came upon me and I did 10 box jumps in less than 2 minutes without any hesitation, fear, or doubt.  I felt in that moment like a conqueror. I felt in that moment that all I was doing was holding myself back because of the way that I was looking and thinking about the situation.

I then continued to do the other circuits within my workout and had come back around to the box jumps yet again. I began to prepare myself to do the box jumps but yet again I hesitated, feared, and doubted myself. I was mind blown that even though I had just done that 10 box jumps previously, I was still back to square one with doubting my ability. That is when I realized how much I really needed to work on my mindset. That is when I realized how bad those negative things that people have said to me had been replayed in my mind over and over again, that it’s like a broken record everytime I attempt to do anything outside of those things. I realized that this is a continuous battle that I must fight in order to overcome.

Here I had just done the box jumps but yet was still afraid to just JUMP. I began to think about how these box jumps referenced real life. I began to think about these boxes being my obstacles, dreams, my purpose. I thought about what I would do in these circumstances in real life, would I run away and give up or would I believe in myself and jump out on faith.   I literally wrestled in my mind back and forth between giving up, doubting, fearing, and believing. I got so overwhelmed with these thoughts that I told my trainer that I was done. I told him that I couldn’t do it, and I was just going to give up on this.

That’s when he told me “ You are capable of doing a lot of things. Everything that you have said that you couldn’t do you have done. All the things that you are doubting are not real.  These small obstacles are the stepping stones to the things that you will need when you face bigger obstacles in your life. Obstacles in life don’t get easier, you just get stronger for the bigger obstacles that come.  If you give up now, you will give up on those to.  Everything your thinking is just in your mind. “


Needless to say even after he said that I still couldn’t do it mentally. I took off my gloves and said that I was done and giving up. I ended up getting so overwhelmed with emotion that I had to go to the bathroom and cry a little. I cried because I thought about how many times that I have told myself that I can’t do something because of all the things that I have been through, I thought I wasn’t good enough or the negative things people have said to me. I realized that I couldn’t keep doing this to myself if I really wanted to succeed, be healthy, and chase my dreams.

I pulled myself together, and I went back out there. I had to get myself prepped up by doing the box jumps on the smaller box first and then I was able to do the medium size box. On the very last jump, I landed in the middle and lifted my hands in the air as if I had just overcome the world. I thought about this box being everything I had faced in the past, the things I’m facing in the present and the things that I will face in the future. I thought about the fact that if I just believe in myself that I can, in fact, do anything that I set my mind to. I felt empowered to know that I have the capability to do anything.

What I learned from this experience is the following;

1. All our limited beliefs, fears, doubts, hesitations stem from something that we have encountered in the past or the present. These are things that have been said to us multiple times or something that really hurt us and make us rethink how we see ourselves.


2. Doubt is all in our mind. Everything that we think we can’t do is because we think we can’t do it. The more that we think we can’t do something the more that becomes our reality. 

style sneakers (1).png

3. We can do anything we set our mind to if we just believe that we are capable of doing it.


4.In order to overcome obstacles, we must tell ourselves that we can and that it is possible.


5. We must reprogram our minds from negative into positive by meditating on things we want for our lives and teach ourselves new beliefs that we want to make our reality to replace the old ones. 

Change Your Mind Change Your Life.png

I want to give you encouragement to face your obstacles as well. I want to give you encouragement to know that even though people may have said negative things to you or negative things have happened to you doesn’t mean that you are not capable of doing even greater things than that. So, below you will find a list of articles and videos from influencers that will help you in overcoming obstacles.


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1. Evan Carmichael’s 5 Ways to destroy self -doubt

This is going to help give you 5 techniques that you can use to help you empower your consciousness and live without fear.  Learning to have faith over fear.

2. Joel Brown 5 Ways To Develop Your Mindset For Success

Joel brown with http://www.addicted2success.com is a big influencer in motivating people. This post gives you some great tips on how to change your mindset for success. Some of these tips include learning to believe in yourself, overcoming one obstacle at a time and more.

3. James Clear A Complete Guide To Mental Toughness

James clear is a self-development expert that speaks thoroughly through articles on how to improve yourself. This article introduces grit which is defined as the perseverance and passion to achieve long-term goals.

4.Steven Atchinson How To Stay Optimistic When Your Life Isn’t

Steven Atchinson is the creator of change your thoughts change your life. His whole website is designed to help your life in many ways. This article gives you tips on how to stay optimistic.

These are just a few great resources that will help you in overcoming your fear, facing your obstacle and changing your mind.

Obstacles are going to happen but just because they happen doesn’t mean that you can’t overcome them. You are capable of doing anything but you must change your mindset first. Don’t let fear stop you. Don’t let self-doubt ruin your dreams. Crush your dreams and goals by believing in yourself and giving it your all. Remember your not your past. Remember that you are capable of anything.

How will you overcome your obstacles? What is one obstacle you want to conquer?


6 thoughts on “What I learned from finally letting go of fear and facing my obstacles head on (and how you can too)

  1. It’s crazy how sometimes it takes the smallest things to make the biggest difference in our life. Many of the obstacles we face daily can easily be defeated, if just look at them differently! I’m so glad you overcame your fear of jumping on a box, now you can leap to success effortlessly!

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