Don’t Let The World Change You For The Worst


Don't Let the World Change You For The Worst


It seems like every time I turn on the tv or open social media I am bombarded with negativity and reminded of all the evil in the world. From another senseless death due to gun violence, a child being abused, someone missing, or even another social injustice due to race. The list of chaos continues to add up on a daily basis. I seem to get choked up by all the bad there is in the world. It creates sometimes such a damper in my spirit that I question if the good in the world still exists. Then to add on top of dealing with world turmoil, you deal with the issues in your own immediate world too.

In my immediate world, I deal with battling my worthiness.  I battle the issues of the past and the voices in my mind that try to keep me in a rut. As you secretly battle your own inner self you also have to be plugged into the daily duties around you. That could be parenting, working or even school. You get constantly pulled with demands from the world around you, while at the same time calling out for help for yourself. You may seem to just want relief. A relief of responsibilities, relief from the pressure, relief from the prison of your mind. It all just continues to stack up day in and day out with no releasing of it, it seems.

Before you know it you’re full of anxiety and depression as you feel somehow you either don’t measure up or when the issues and demands just seem to be too much. We end up feeling low, wondering why it is that we feel the way we do about ourselves. We wonder why we silently call for help with our words or actions but no one has seemed to answer yet.

Then it seems like our emotions are spiraling out of control and we can’t seem to get our thoughts straight. Day by day, issue by issue, negativity after negativity a piece of us seems to keep chipping off. We eventually look in the mirror questioning who we are and wonder why we can’t seem to feel free or complete.


Don't Let The Negativity Of The World Ruin Your World.


After all we just really want inner peace and to feel fulfilled and free within who we are.  Maybe, we question and lose ourselves because of what the world tells and feeds our souls and minds on a daily basis.

It’s crazy how the media can spread fear and havoc by disillusioned and constant stories of bad. Then they top it off with making you feel you’re not enough or you need something more with the persistent message of looking a certain way, living a certain way, or obtaining certain things.

They tear us down only then to try to tell us what we need to build us up is something that the world can offer us through buying something.

We then feel rushed to obtain things because we feel like what we have or what we are isn’t good enough because of the world tells us it’s not enough.

The image of perfection, everything running smooth is pushed in our minds with every celebrity story and photoshopped image. That we begin to think we have no life because it doesn’t look like the fake perceptions the world portrays. We begin to think that everyone’s life in the world is perfect and nobody could possibly understand or care to see our pain.

We begin to bury inside our true feelings because we are afraid of the truth of vulnerability. We are afraid to show the imperfections that we have. We are afraid to say we are not okay and maybe we don’t have it all together.

We are afraid to admit we hurt

We are afraid to admit we question sometimes where our life is going

We are afraid to admit who we are flaws and all because the world has brainwashed us into thinking it’s not okay to do that.

That we must fake it until we make it.

That we must have it all together.

That we must hide our true feelings behind a not so real smile.

However, this is not reality. This is not what we should allow the world to make us do because it’s okay to not be okay.

It’s okay to not have bentleys or got to college if you don’t want to.

It’s okay to talk about how you feel

It’s okay to be real to who you are and put yourself out there

It’s okay to create your own version of what happiness is to you

The thing is we have to stop giving our power to things outside of who we are to control who it is we are and how it is we feel and live our life.


Be True To You

It’s okay to not buy the hottest gadget

It’s okay to cry if you need to

It’s okay to live life on your own terms

Maybe we question our existence because we allow the world to make us think that we don’t measure up.

It’s TIME to take back our power from the entertainment industry.

It’s TIME to take back our power from the cosmetic industry.

It’s TIME  to take back our power from the news media

It’s TIME to take back our power from superficial materialistic things.

Realizing that God has given us the power within to make our day to day lives abundant. Begin to look at what you do have instead of what the world says you lack. Begin to love who you are and where you are and make the most of what you have.

Realize that everything the world tries to push on or tells us we lack is nothing that we can take with us when we die anyway.

It’s okay to be you.

It’s okay to appreciate the small things

It’s okay to create memories instead of accumulating stuff you can’t take with you

It’s okay to live life in  each day

Turn your eyes to the wealth you already possess inside and don’t let the world change who you are on the inside.


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