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Targets New Swimwear Ad Without Photoshop Empowers Women To Embrace Their Natural Beauty, Size, and Even Their Stretch Marks

There are so many pressures of standards for women to look a certain way in order to be clarified as beautiful. Usually, this image is shown through the magazine stands, tv commercials, and fashion shows. It seems like everyone is a copy of a copy when it comes to the beauty industry; tall, thin, long hair, fit, and distinct features. It’s always hard for everyday women to feel beautiful when they don’t seem to fit into the box of the world’s beauty standards.

However, there may finally be a leading brand that makes a revolution of what true beauty actually is.  Target has taken a step outside of societies norm with their new swimsuit women’s ad that features women with various sizes and features. They have chosen to not only bring about the versatility of women but also have chosen not to photoshop the women’s imperfections but instead embrace them.


denise bidot target ad.jpg

Denise Bidot ( Image Source: Target)

This ad consists of women such as Denise Bidot, who was the first Latina plus-size model to walk the New York Fashion Week back in 2014Kamie Crawford, who is a tv host and was crowned Miss Teen USA in 2010.  Lizzie Armanto, who is a professional skateboarder.

kamie crawford target.jpg

Kamie Crawford (Image Source: Target)

Perhaps, the best thing about targets ad is that the overall message seems to be contributing to not only empowering women to feel beautiful but also promoting positive body image and self-love.  The fact that target has let stretch marks be shown, curves and more brings back to life to the women who are curvy, have stretch marks, or other flaws. This ad encourages women to just love themselves for who they are flaws and all. The truth is that these imperfections exist in all of us, and not every woman on the planet can pay for plastic surgery or have the resources to photoshop their way to perfection.

lizzie armanto

Lizzie Armanto (image source:Target)

Target is really speaking volumes about their brand and their perception of beauty with this ad. Could this be a start of something new in the fashion and beauty industry? This makes a step to show women that they can be okay with just being themselves no matter what they look like.

The swimwear ad which hasn’t aired yet features various swimsuits that look fun, comfortable, flirty, and suitable for anyone no matter the way they look. The swimwear also has lively amounts of colors and patterns perfect for summer swimming, and vacations.

This gives power back to women that may question their beauty because of what they see on a daily basis.  This brings back the reality of what women really are, which are beautiful queens. We weren’t made to all look the same, we were made unique for a reason. Thank God that there is finally a corporation that positively enhances those differences as something beautifully and wonderfully made.


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What do you think about targets new ad?


4 thoughts on “Targets New Swimwear Ad Without Photoshop Empowers Women To Embrace Their Natural Beauty, Size, and Even Their Stretch Marks”

    1. Yes I am very happy as well because we need more of what reality is and reality is we have imperfections. If these companies would promote what is real maybe more women would feel okay with who they are and love themselves more

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