What Are Your Words And Actions Saying About You?

The actions are what make the difference, not the words. You can speak all day until your blue in the face about what you want for your life but until your actions actually match your words than your words are just pointless.  Sometimes we just have to be real enough with ourselves to wake ourselves up to the inventory of our own actions. It’s too often that we point to everything else for the blame of the things going wrong in our lives. When really it has nothing to do with others but everything of what we do with ourselves.



It’s very rare when we take a deep look into ourselves to see what exactly is causing the issues in our lives. Today, I had to give myself a pep talk. A pep talk to wake myself up into what I am actually doing that is making my life the way that it is right now and looking at the actions that may be holding me back.

To look and see that there are multiple things that I have said that I wanted to do time and time again and yet somehow don’t boggle me as to why it is that I am not already doing. It’s like I have a long list of things I want to change and desire to do, yet my actions say something else.

For example, let’s say you have been saying that you want to get healthier by exercising and eating clean. However, your actions are you eating fast food, drinking soda, and doing little to no exercise, can you really say that you want to be healthy?  Can you really say you are trying to change when your actions are saying opposite of it? Do you really want the thing you say you want?

Making what you say to match your actions. Even though these actions may be something new that you are trying to develop, you won’t get good at them unless you actually do something. In order to change, in order to do what it is you really want to do in your life, you must make the words match your actions.

Change is not what I am afraid. I want to change, it is because I have diligently sought after a change that I am where I am today. But there is something still mentally sometimes holding me back from going full force with the other things that I need to change in my life. Although I may have made small changes towards these things, I know that I am capable and need to do way more in order to truly see results.

So that’s when the questions came rolling in my mind.  Why aren’t my actions matching my words? Is it because I don’t have faith that I can do these things? Is it because I don’t believe in myself enough? Is it because I lack self- motivation? Is it because I lack the wisdom?

What is causing me to say one thing but do another? Is it a habit? Is it programmed subconscious?

What is stopping you from doing what it is you need to do?

Is it lack of self-discipline? Is it lack of self- control?

It’s not any of those things. It’s just the simple fact that sometimes you need to stop thinking about it so much and just do it.

You have to believe in yourself. You have to believe in what you are capable of because you are capable of doing everything it is you say you want to do.


Yet, somewhere in the back of my mind, maybe even your mind there is still unbelief. If there wasn’t unbelief than why in the world aren’t the actions matching what it is that we say.

If I 100% believed in what I was capable of doing, if you 100% believed that you were capable of doing it, then your actions would say that.

But instead, your actions are saying the opposite. Your actions are saying that you can’t do the things that you are saying that you can do.

Example being your actions saying that you don’t believe you can be healthy because the actions that you are taking are those of unhealthy ones.  My actions sometimes say I can’t be a writer, or a speaker even though I tell myself these are the things that I want.

Surrendering the unbelief and the actions that are keeping you from doing the things that you really want to do is the first step in starting to believe in more of what you are capable of doing. Surrendering that negativity and the actions that are hindering you from making the actions that you need to make in order to get you where it is that you desire to be.


So, what’s stopping you from making those changes that you need to make? Is it that your desire isn’t strong enough? Is it that your unbelief is bigger than your faith? Because right now that is what it seems like every time you choose not to do what is you need to do in order to get to where it is you need and want to be.

For the life that you want to live or the legacy that you want to leave behind.

I am saying to you that right here, right now look at where you are. Is it really where you want to be? Whether it’s you with no job, no money, with heartache, pain, disappointment, no matter where it is that you find yourself.

Why are you choosing not believe in yourself when believing in yourself is all that you have right here and right now?

You can not keep saying that it is the past or blaming it on someone you love, for the lack of belief in yourself.

You can’t keep saying it’s because of the amount of money you have. You can’t keep saying it’s the things that you do or don’t have because truly God has already given you everything within yourself to be capable of doing the things that need to be done to live the purpose you were destined for.

Sometimes you have to ask yourself, what is wrong with you?

Why don’t you believe?

Why do you feel somewhere in you that you are not capable?

Is it because the voices of negativity still linger?

Is it because you failed yourself so much when you were younger?

Is it because you still hold on to that broken dream you had afraid that you won’t accomplish the dreams that you have for yourself now because you didn’t accomplish what you wanted for yourself originally?

Is that it? Is that why? Why are you holding on to those things when those things are over and done with?

Why are you afraid of failing?

It is because you have failed?

It is because of the mistakes, struggles, and  pain that you are who you are and the reason that you have the mindset that you have.

So why are you afraid of failure?  Why are you afraid to give it you’re all? When right now giving it your all is all you have?

It is time to believe.

It is time to know that despite what the world says, despite what people say you can or can’t do that if God says you can… YOU CAN!!!!

It is time to believe that no matter how many times you get knocked down or have to start over that it is possible and that you will succeed.

But in order to succeed, you must believe.

You must believe in yourself.

You have talents for a reason now go out into the world and use them. That talent is your gift, it is your purpose.  To make the world a better place with the talent that has been given to you.

So why do you keep questioning what God has given you?

It is time.

We have to stop wasting time. We have to stop second guessing.  We have to stop self- doubting.  We have to stop putting in half effort.  We have to stop being fearful of failure knowing that with success failure will happen.

No matter if you fail one, two, or even ten times that means nothing because success will come if you keep going.

Look back at all the times that you have been knocked down and you believed in yourself enough to pick yourself up and keep going.

Remember that what God has for you at the end of the storm is so much greater than the things that you are going through now.

Rejoice in knowing what it is to come. Rejoice in knowing the talents that you have. Rejoice in looking at the good things that are happening in your life right now.

Give it your all every single day. There should be no reason in hell why you can’t do what it is that you want to do in your life.

You can do it! Now is the time!


-Turn Your Wounds Into Widom-.png


It’s time to do it if people like Oprah Winfrey and Maya Angelou can do it. You can too!

No more crying. No more feeling sorry for yourself. No more having a negative attitude or taking it out on the people you love.

It’s time to grind. It’s time to give. Give of yourself to the world. How can you expect something back if you have given nothing of yourself, to begin with?

Give the world what you want back.

You may be sitting crying, saying you wish this or you wish that.

Wishing is nothing but on a star.  You can wish on a star all day but that star isn’t going to come down from where it’s at to make you be who it is that you need to be.

You have to be the one to shoot for the stars, and if you miss once continue to shoot until you get it.

The time is now to believe in yourself and to make your actions match what it is you really want for yourself.

It’s not going to be easy, but hard doesn’t make it impossible.



Here are some tips and videos that will help you to start making your actions match your words.




How to Start Making Your Actions Match Your Words.png



1.  Make Goals and Have a To Daily To Do List

The truth is the only way that we are going to change our actions is to do those actions each and every day.  Because we are in the pursuit of changing our life for the better somehow we have to focus more on doing the action we want to change every day versus continuing the actions that you have been doing.  Example if you are wanting to make yourself exercise more, the thing is to exercise daily somehow first thing. Remembering that it doesn’t necessarily have to be as complicated as we make it sometimes.


2. Be Mindful

We have to be conscious of the choices that we are making in order to change them. Taking one step at a time and really getting in tune with yourself can help you to understand why you’re making the actions that you are or aren’t making. By doing this you can see what triggers the behaviors that you are doing so that you can be mindful of what changes you need to make.


3. Stop Making Excuses

Excuses are the cause of death to many dreams and from many people being successful. When we are in the midst of changing habits it could be so easily to give ourselves an excuse for continuing the action that we have always done instead of doing what it is that we want to do. One way to do this is to just make up in your mind that no matter what you will make away to take the actions necessary to do what it is that you need to do in order to help you to get you to where you need to be.  Possibly having an accountability partner or a group of people pursuing the same change as you to help hold you accountable and not make excuses.


4. Ask yourself what do you want more

In the midst of changing from what we have been doing to something that we are desiring to do, we can get caught between a tug a war in our minds on what the best action is to truly take. For instance using the healthy lifestyle example. You have a desire to want to eat healthier but you can’t seem to resist your favorite food, so then the mind battle begins of doing it or don’t do it. What I find that can help make this struggle easier and get more victories over this is by thinking about what you really want more. In the moment that you are facing that delicious say donut you may think that you want it but really what you want is to be able to have energy and look amazing.  In that moment you have to be able to have self- control to tell yourself I know you want that donut but what you really want is to be healthy and look better. Then that prevents you from having that guilt or shaming yourself afterward for giving into that want you really didn’t want.

5. Feed Your Mind With Positivity

Normally there is something in our minds that is possibly preventing us from making the changes that we need to make, so we have to reprogram our mindsets. The only way to reprogram your mind is by feeding it with the opposite of what you have been telling yourself or listening to that tells you that you can’t do something. Listening to positive tapes, music or even motivational speakers can help you to reprogram your mind. Also look at the way that you speak to yourself. Are you talking to yourself in a loving way telling yourself what you can do and what is possible or are you speaking negatively over yourself?


Those are just a few things I have used to help change my actions and make them match my words. Check out these additional post and videos for more useful resources.




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