Why Comparing Yourself To Others Is Hurting You And Stopping You From Living Your Life

Let’s stop looking at what the next has or trying to play keeping up with the joneses. Let’s stop sitting on our phones or behind the computer screen scrolling through countless profiles looking at another person’s life wishing that we could do that or complain about our own life.  We sit and create anxiety for ourselves because we are looking at everyone else’s happiness while our lives seem miserable and unfair.  We constantly seem to be comparing our reality to the real or unreal reality of others, not realizing that people only show what they want to show. We don’t realize what comes with or has come from a person having that body, car, money, look, health or whatever it is that we are fantasizing over that they may have.

We look at the surface level stuff and not really the depth of the situation. The truth is we don’t know if the person on Instagrams life is any better than ours because we don’t see them on a daily basis to know. The truth is that even though it may look like one thing doesn’t necessarily mean that it is that. Like so what if that person has a lot of money, that doesn’t mean that the person is happy or feels fulfilled because of that money.  So what, if that girl has a banging body that doesn’t mean that she worked for it, what if she paid for it and uses a bunch of filters?

We have to see that things aren’t always what they seem to be. The more that we allow marketing to tell us what life is and how to live it, the more we have a misconstrued mindset into what life actually is and how to truly live. The more that we look at someone else’s life trying to compare or compete, the less time we have to make our own happiness and live life the way we want it.

I’m done with thinking that I am not good enough for something just because it isn’t like someone else’s or it isn’t what the world tells me I need. I’m done with thinking that I am not pretty enough because my features don’t match what I see on Instagram models or magazines. I’m done with thinking that I am not living life just because I don’t have a Bentley or go on exclusive vacations.



Not Everything On The Surface Is What It Seems To Be.png

Because the truth is I am living.  I am beautiful. I am more than those things. That is something that we have to remember when we begin to feel we aren’t good enough, is that we are the ones who create our own definition of life.

Are you going to continue to allow your definition of life and your value be determined by the comparison that you push on yourself because of others? Are you going to continue to stop yourself from enjoying each day to the fullest because you are thinking about the things that you think you lack? Are you going to continue to stop yourself from looking or feeling your best because you don’t look like the next?

The answer should be no. The answer should be that you won’t keep allowing these standards to control your life. We weren’t meant to look the same. We weren’t meant to all live the same. We were meant to live life on our own terms. We were meant to be good at what it is we are good at. We were meant to create our own happiness.

We can’t keep allowing these things to stop us from living and being the best that we can be.  The best thing is to take the time to know ourselves and to be self-aware from the inside out of who we are. Maybe, that’s why we constantly compare because we are not 100% confident in who we are as individuals because we allow the things outside of us to make us question ourselves.

If we take the time to love ourselves. If we take the time figure out our own likes, dislike, values, beliefs, reasons why we do what we do, maybe then we will stop comparing.

If we truly know who we are there is nothing outside of us that will make us want to change who we are but ourselves. Don’t change yourself because the media tells you, or because you want to be like the next person. If you want to change, change for you. If you don’t want to change then don’t change.

But by all means, do whatever you do for you and nothing else.

Stop letting these things get you down about yourself and start living your life for you each and every day.

We are all guilty of doing it. I, however, realized how miserable I was making myself by comparing myself constantly all the time. I noticed how much I was stopping myself from going after what I wanted because I would compare myself to other people.

Remember that you are good enough. Remember that you were created to be you for a reason. That all the talents, looks, and everything that makes you who you are is for a reason.

Don’t fit in but stand out by staying true to who you are. 

Life is a journey, and we must just take the steps that we need to take to make ourselves better. Knowing that each and every person’s journey on this earth is different. But just because your journey may be different doesn’t mean that your journey isn’t worth something.

It is truly all in the way that you look at the world around you and how you look at yourself. So look at yourself and see the best, not the worst.

Because you are the best you that you can be.

You Are The Best YOUThat You Can Be.png



When Comparing Yourself To Others This Is How It Stops You 



  • You stop trying

    You basically end up talking yourself out of doing the very thing it is that you want to do because you are comparing yourself to how someone else is doing it.

  • You beat yourself up

    You start making yourself for worse with negative self talk. You constantly tell yourself that you can’t do something or that your not this or not that. We all know that what you do or tell yourself repeatdley slowly becomes embedded in your subconcious mind and you begin to believe what it is that you tell yourself about yourself.


  • You never feel good enough

          The more you compare yourself to others the more you set yourself for the trap of feeling           like you are never enough. You start to feel like no matter what it is that you do that it just              don’t measure up to what the next person is doing

  • You stop growing

    If you are constantly looking at what everyone else is doing that means that you are not taking the time to grow in your own life. You are so worried about the next that you stop looking at what it is you need to do in your own life to make it better.


These are just a few crucial things that effect your life in a bad way when you are constantly comparing yourself. Do you see how detrimental this can be to your own growth, when you are allowing comparison or envy to stop you from being the best that you can be. Each one of these things not only will affect you within but if it gets bad enough these feelings or lack thereof can begin to trickle negatively into the world around you .

Why would you stop wanting to grow? Why would you want leave this earth thinking that you could have done better but you didn’t?

Do you realize that you limit your own potential when you are trying to measure up to someone elses? What if you had more potential, talent, and work ethic than the person you are looking at does, but you just haven’t found it yet because you are too busy looking at theirs?


Can’t you see that the only person that this is hurting is you. Do you really want to continue to hurt you?

I know that you don’t, and in a world where everything seems to be a competition, stopping comparison may seem impossible. But there is always a solution even when we don’t think there is. You will find some solution tips below.


How will you stop comparing yourself to others and begin to live for you today?



Here are additional resources that you can look at that will give you some more motivation to stop comparing yourself to other people









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