Don’t Get Discouraged

It’s easy to get discouraged when you look around at the life other’s are living. You look and ask yourself are you really living because it seems like everyone else is living but it feels like your not. You look at their blessings, their looks, their lifestyle and feel as though you don’t measure up.

You question when will you start getting blessed? You question when will you get to live the lifestyle you want to live. So, as you sit in ponder discouragement slowly begin to take over. You lose hope thinking it will never happen. You slowly think your dreams will never happen.

But I dare you to stop those thoughts in their tracks.

I dare you to search and really find all the blessing you truly have.

I dare you to feel and know that God continuously blesses you each day with his eternal blessings that will never fade away.

Wake up and see that the devil rewards his children openly with gifts that are empty and never last.

So as you look at what the next has remembered that.

Remember that you have a spirit that’s awakened while others are asleep.

Remember that your breathing in life when others are taking their last breath.

Remember that you have knowledge that surpasses the ignorance of the world

Remember that you have food that nourishes the body when others are malnourished

Remember that you have love when others are somewhere forgotten

Remember that you have freedom while others are only wishing for it to happen

O my sweet soul

Don’t be discouraged

You have so much more than you think you have

You are so much more than you think you are

You are on the right path and although it may feel lonely and slow moving but be encouraged that what’s to come is not only going to be rewarding but surely worth the wait.


The reason I wrote this is because I have been chasing my dreams and sometimes I can look around and get discouraged when everyone seems to be getting faster than I am. I get frustrated sometimes questioning if what I am doing is right. I question if I am working hard enough or doing enough.  I question sometimes just throwing in the towel and giving it all up. But then I remember why I am doing it and it helps me to pick myself up.

When I get people that tell me how much I am inspiring them or that in some way my words have touched them it reminds me that I am doing the right thing.

The road to success is hard. The road to your wildest dreams is going to be packed full of ups and downs that will make you smile but make you want to get discouraged and give up.

But don’t.

Don’t give up.

Don’t get discouraged. What is meant for you is only for you.  It may take time. It may take you giving everything you have each and every day. But if you don’t give up it will come.



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