Everything Is Not Always Peaches And Cream

Everything is not always peaches cream in life. The truth is that we all have things in life that bring us down or are so complicated that we think that we are not going to make it out of it. Everything around us seems to be that you have to be perfect or that you have to have a game face all the time. However, that is not always true.

There are so many people that are hurting on the inside but because we think that there is no one else that understands or cares we attempt to hide it behind a fake smile.

Even now I am facing issues with dealing with grieving my mother who passed away. This has been something that I have been wrestling so much because not only does it hurt, but it has just been extremely hard to just pick myself up and continue my life without having one of the most important people in it.

I am facing being a single mother and doing it all on my own and being exhausted day in day out trying to be the best mom that I can be there for them. I struggle with balancing giving them my all, working on myself, working a job, and being there for everyone else.

Sometimes I feel like I just want to scream because it feels that everyone has it all together but me.

The truth is everything is not always peaches and cream.

There are times where I am too tired to want to get up and conquer the day but I force myself knowing that I must.

I do so much for other people around me that I don’t even take time for myself.

Sometimes I question my worth. Sometimes I question where my life is going. Sometimes I question if I am good enough to accomplish my dreams or even if I will get there.

We all doubt. We all get to the point of exhaustion.

However, there is so much fake that real is hard to find.  There are times when we don’t want to be truthful with the things that we are going through because we are afraid to be vulnerable to the world around us. But we all have a vulnerability, we all have emotions and doubt sometimes.

- We May Encounter Many DefeatsBut We Must Not BeDefeated-.png


Even the people who teach about self-development have days that they may have questioned, or broken down but they don’t show it. But how are we to connect, grow, or build a relationship with common individuals if we aren’t real with the good and the bad.

Just because I tell you my problems, or sometimes show my weakness doesn’t mean that I am not strong. I am strong. I am a soul searcher. I am a person who continues to seek out and grow. I am successful. I am resilient.

But even though I may be all of those things, I am also human. Being human means that I am imperfect. Being human means that there are good and bad days. I can’t sit and pretend that I am perfect. I can’t sit and pretend that everything in my life is or has been peaches and cream because it hasn’t been and it isn’t.

Even with the good and the bad in my life, I continue to strive. I continue to learn. I continue to be real with myself and the world around me because I know that no one is perfect. Although I know that there are plenty of people in the world who act like their life is perfect, I will be one person who isn’t afraid to admit the imperfections. I will be one person to be real with the good and the bad. I will be one person to show the vulnerability that we all have.



What is life if we pretend to be or do something that we are not?

What is life without the hard times?

Where would you be without hitting rock bottom and learning to pick yourself back up?

I battle with rewriting my story and erasing the negative thoughts of the past.

I battle each day with the old and creating the new.

I battle self-doubt.

I battle not being full of depression and anxiety that I used to have.

I battle the loneliness.

I battle not having a great support system.

I battle wanting to withdraw when things go wrong.

I battle each step along the way to find and be the best me that I can be.

Always Be Real With Who You Arewww.elevateursoul.com.png


Peaches and cream may come. But we must be real with ourselves that peaches and cream aren’t all day every day.

I mean we can have happiness in each day. I mean we can create more good for ourselves than bad. However, we are not controllers of life and there are going to be things that hit us like a bus that we can’t control…. like death.

I have accepted the reality that even though bad things happen that doesn’t mean they make me or have to break me. That means I allow myself to feel or accept what is happening in the moment, learn from them and move forward.

Let’s stop pretending that we don’t hurt sometimes.

Let’s stop pretending that bad things don’t happen.

Let’s stop pretending that we have it all together.

Let’s stop pretending that life is gum drops and rainbows.

Isn’t that what makes us human? The ups, the downs? The sadness? The happiness? The success? The failures? The mistakes? The right choices?

All of these things prove that we are not only human but that we are living life. Don’t look at the facade that the world portrays instead know that not everything is at seems. Let’s see and think about that the person that is always smiling maybe someone who is battling with something on the inside. Be considerate of the world around you. Be considerate to yourself and don’t be so hard on yourself to have it all together or to pretend to be something that your not.

Everything Is Not Always Peaches And Cream

Everything is not always peaches and cream, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t eat the fruits of the life we have. It doesn’t mean that we can’t create for our lives what we want. It doesn’t mean that we can’t be real and vulnerable sometimes. We are all human. We all feel. We all have pieces of us we are afraid to show to the world because of the judgment of others.

But no one is perfect and everything isn’t always peaches and cream.


What do you feel about being vulnerable?

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