Short Simple Sundays ( Chase Change Not Perfection)


Short Simple Sundays



Chase change not perfection. Today I woke up with this on my mind. Thinking about how we sometimes will beat ourselves up so much because we aren’t perfect at something or we don’t think that we are good enough at something. We end up creating an anxiety for ourselves that takes us on a downhill cycle. It also seems like we allow other people’s criticism to make us feel as though we have to be perfect or live in a way they want us to. We fear judgment from others when we begin to think about doing something different.

However, part of falling madly in love with yourself is accepting the fact that you will never be perfect. It’s also becoming so comfortable with yourself that other people’s opinions don’t matter because you realize that they are imperfect as well.

That is why I came up with this saying that ” I am chasing change, I am not chasing perfection”. This saying reminds me that it’s okay to not be perfect, and it allows me to be understanding with myself when I make mistakes because I mean we are human we will make mistakes. This statement allows me to know that even in having the best interest intended or even a good heart that I will make sometimes mistakes, wrong choices, or even fail. But if I have my mind concentrated on the change rather than perfection, I am aware that whether a good step or not so good step they all contribute to the overall change that I am seeking.



Grow With The Flow

When you have been doing bad habits for a long time or thought a certain way for a certain amount of time in your life, it’s going to take time to change those things. The change is not going to happen overnight, but we may get down on ourselves because it doesn’t happen so quickly because we are either wanting it desperately for ourselves or feel the pressure from others.

However, it’s not about how quickly we get there on our own or how much someone tries to rush us, it’s just the journey in getting there. The fact that you have a desire for change and want better for your life speaks volumes about your power within. There are millions of people in the world who hate change, who don’t want anything beyond what they have, they have settled and become comfortable in the life their living. This life they live could be positive or negative one because there is, of course, all walks of life. But whether you have nothing or you have it all change is going to happen. Even if we are not the ones to decide willingly to change and seek better for ourselves, the world, time, age, and other things will continue to change around us.

Again, even with change perfection is not possible. Wouldn’t it, however, be more fulfilling to know that each day on your journey of life you fought to give your all to reach your fullest potential and thrive from the inside out in doing everything that you were put on this earth to do? Or would you rather get to the end of the road saying how many regrets you have, blaming it on others, the guilt from not changing or chasing your dreams? 

Which one you choose to do is up to you.  The beauty lies within your imperfect changes that you make. The beauty lies within the ups and downs. The beauty lies within the mistakes and the lessons. The beauty lies within the joy and the sadness. What is life without change? What is life if you’re not growing but staying the same?



Comment Below one thing your working on changing?


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