Feeling Numb To The World Poem



There you sit looking off into the distance feeling numb to the world around you.

Wondering just how much more you can take. It seems as though everything is piling up and there’s no escape.

The loneliness lingers and the pain seems to escalate. There’s no faking the battle inside in which you face.

One day your up and the next your down, you’re so tired of losing that you don’t even recognize the winning you have been doing.

The negative emotions continue to rise up, the circumstances continue to seem to get the best of you, as they repeatedly knock you down and take the pieces that are the best of you.

You can’t seem to find happiness, or even hope for the future because the bondage of these things just won’t let you.

You sit looking off to the distance praying for a change, praying for freedom, calling out for someone to just simply hear you.

But your voice seems to be mute, the more you talk, the less they listen. Now your the one contemplating if what you say is even worth someone listening.

You look off in the distance questioning your worth, questioning if you’ll make it on this earth.

There you are looking off when it seems like everyone is looking in.  All you want is to feel peace within.  To tap into a greater power that releases you from the past, the negative emotions, and the bondage of others.

To end the numbness and finally feel what it feels like to come alive again.

Do More Of What Makes You Come Alive.png







This poem is for anyone that just feels like they have had enough and that they want something more. This is for the people who feel trapped and just want to be set free.


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