Real Talk Wednesdays – Don’t Let Them Dim Your Light






It’s really disturbing to see how evil, angry, and spiteful people have become. I mean I know these things have always existed, but it seems to feel like it’s on the rise. All the bullying, hate crimes, war, gun violence, and more just seems like it’s taking over. People seem to be losing love and compassion. The good new is becoming less and less talked about as more and more, the bad news is talked about.

It feels like you can’t even want good for your life without someone hating or judging you for some reason. People are more worried about tearing down than building up, it really makes no sense.


I can remember times I would cry on the phone to my dad in prison, not understanding why people came after me with their words or actions when I did nothing. I always felt like I’ve been a humble person, who promotes peace, love, and positivity. Even then people still attack me. I never understood why when I did nothing to them. It used to make me feel like I shouldn’t be myself or even try to pursue something greater because every time I turned around someone had something to say.


I’ve always carried myself different than most people my age, being reminded by others that I had an old soul with beauty and a good head on my shoulders. Yet, I have never been arrogant about it, I have just only been who I am.

So why I asked are people so pressed?


My dad made the statement that I will always have people to try to tear me down because I have something that they probably want but can’t have within.

I just dislike it has to be this way.

I hate that we can’t live in a world where people just build each other up and are confident in who they are.

Everyone seems to be in a competition to be better than the next. Meanwhile, I am only in competition with the old me, and with chasing something greater for my family.

Now, I feel like that if people are going to talk and judge just let them because as long as I know who I am and know what’s true that’s all that matters.

But what I won’t do is allow people too ;

Tear me down

Make me feel guilty

or make me feel like I need to change myself or lower myself to their level.

I am who I am for a reason and I can’t continue to dim my light just because people don’t want to see my shine.

Never Let Anyone Dim Your Light

I will continue to be real with who I am. I will continue to be confident in who I am and if that makes someone intimidated or dislike me, I will remember it speaks about them, not about me.

It shows their character and what’s in their heart, not mine.

I will not allow anyone or this world to change me or silence me.

I will be a voice for good.

I will be a phenomenal woman.

I will be me and so should you.


Let nothing stop you from being who you are because who are is for a reason.

Don’t fear evil but instead, put your faith in God and all things that are good.


No matter all the bad in the world there will always be good somewhere.

Let’s create it, let’s stand up for what’s right, let’s shine our lights unafraid and fight for ourselves and what we believe in.


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