Short Simple Sunday’s- One Step At A Time



Sometimes you just have to do what’s best for you and the change you want to see.

Too completely remove all the things out of your life that is getting you know where and allowing God to fill your life with the things that are meant to be in your life.


Stop being afraid to let go. Don’t be afraid to relinquish the control you think you have over your life because ultimately we don’t really have control over what happens in life. All we have are the seconds of the very steps we take. Will we continue to take from ourselves by being full of pride and wanting it our way that we miss the blessing God has for us because of this? Or maybe we end up putting our own selves through more misery because we can’t let go.

The truth is I’m tired. I’m mentally exhausted from trying to control every little detail of my life. I’m tired of being overwhelmed with planning and doing really more than what I need to and half the time not fully completing it because I’m trying to do more than I should be doing in the first place.

It’s time for me to let go and let God more, and stop thinking I need to handle things the old way when I begin to panic because things aren’t within my control or moving fast enough.

The old way hasn’t brought me here but it’s going to require something new in order for me to get to where God is taking me.


So, I must let the love of Jesus fill me up and show me the way. I must be unashamed and unafraid to walk into the unknown and be uncomfortable.

Because it’s going to take more faith in each step the higher that God takes me. So, I should just trust that he has it all under control, knows what’s best, and will give me all I need to accomplish the first step.


However, it is up to me to leap out on faith. Let go of control, and know that I can and will get there one step at a time.

Stop being so hard on me and just enjoy the journey. Even in removing more not so good things or people out of my life.


It maybe difficult in the moment but ultimately it will make it easier in the future.

Don’ t get discouraged this week. Let go and let God by just surrendering the things that you can’t control. Work on what you can control one step at a time.


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