Real Talk Wednesday- Poor but rich

I am sitting for the first time ever at the local country club about to attend a business event. Weirdly enough I am totally amazed and mixed with emotions. Only because when I think about the country club, I think about prestige and wealth.

Growing up in poverty you could only dream and think about what life would be like to live wealthy. To be at a place where you would go to country clubs, have nice dinners, nice homes, and the capability of doing what it is that you wanted.  It’s in poverty that you want a taste of the good life but sometimes the world around you may deem it impossible. It’s almost like you become accustomed to the environment of welfare and struggle.

I realize now though that although  I may have grown up in poverty doesn’t mean that I have to stay there. I realize that it is my desire for more knowledge, wealth, happiness, and fulfillment, that has allowed me to seek life beyond my environment.

I could choose to be to be a victim to the life I was born into  or I can choose to be a victor and push myself out of my comfort zone. Through these experiences of wanting more out of life I have had to push myself, test myself, mold, and grow myself constantly.


Subconsciously your mind will make you think that you don’t deserve the good life. Your mind will make you think that you can’t be greater than what you were born into. Not only your mind but maybe even the world. The world will try to push down your throat stats and stereotypes, of the rich vs poor but those things don’t matter.

What matters is how you see yourself. What matters is what you want for yourself. You could be rich financially and be poor in spirit. You could be poor financially but rich in spirit. What makes the difference is you and how you look at life, not what life tells you deserve.

So, yes I’ve grown up in poverty, with a single mother. Yes, I’ve been homeless before. Yes, my mother worked multiple jobs to make ends meet. Yes, we didn’t have the designer clothes or the best of the best. Yes, we struggled.  Yes, we didn’t have it all, but we had each other.

But, those circumstances is what has made me. Those circumstance is what has given me the drive, and the motivation for more. Through those circumstances I learned about real life, and how everyone doesn’t always have it easy. It’s not that I have anything against poverty it’s just that I know deep down inside that God has made me for me.

The escape comes from escaping the imprsionment in your mind of what poverty puts in your mind.

So, even though I started there doesn’t mean that I have to end there. Taking this step here st the country club today shows me that anything is possible if I  am willing to push myself out of my comfort zone. Living, growing, acting fearlessly and not fearfully.

Don’t let where you started from stop you from getting to where your going



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