How A Fashion Show Turned Out To Be About More Than Just Fashion

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We all have heard about fashion shows like New York Fashion Week or may have even been to a few fashion shows ourselves.  These fashion shows can vary in quality, styles of clothing and more.  Sometimes when we go to these fashion shows we may think that they are just for the prestige, the Bou jee, or for one body type but I realized that fashion is, in fact, more than that.  Fashion is a means of expressing the soul through individuality, and creativity.  More often then not fashion has a larger story behind it, other than it just being a piece of clothing to wear.  It symbolizes you. When dealing with designers it may symbolize even a bigger purpose other than just themselves as well.

Friday, April 28th,  I had the pleasure of attending a fashion show hosted at Muse clothing. This is a locally operated small business that has alternative street fashion, designed for all cultures, religions, sexual orientation, race, or gender.  The set up of the fashion show was not only inviting but invigorating, with dim lighting, seating in the middle of the floor, drinks, and artwork. It incorporated poetry,a live band, and trending music.   For a small town fashion show, it had a big town feel.

untitled (9 of 49).jpg

The fashion show featured looks from Muse as well as two other designers. Muse clothing was very powerful with a lot of statement pieces. The purpose of the fashion show was to incorporate looks from all types of races, sexual orientations, and cultures. It very much so made a statement of empowerment, nonjudgment, and equality, with each unique piece. Muse had various styles such as see through dresses, tribal button ups, graphic tees, men and women tux tops and more.

untitled (1 of 70).jpg

untitled (4 of 49).jpg

Untitled design

Not only, did this fashion show incorporate looks from Muse but also from two very talented designers.

One designer Stephanie Carlo who was born and raised in Puerto Rico had eclectic designs that stood for something greater than bold textiles.  She holds a degree in fashion design and has been designing since 2008. She has not only worked in Puerto Rico,  the United States but also in Germany. When I interviewed Stephanie I asked her a few questions about her pieces and the story behind it. Stephanie explained ”  That my line was influenced by the Merino sheep that are located in Australia, the purpose is to create pieces that show people fashion without people having to torture the Merino sheep for its wool. ”  So, her beautiful symmetrical designs and textiles displayed this evening had a purpose greater than just fashion, but one of animal love as well.

Stephanie Carlo

The most important question I asked Stephanie is what would she say as a word of advice for someone wanting to design or struggling to learn to express themselves?  She readily and excitedly answered,” Get out of the books, don’t be scared to try, research, find a niche, and start creating because you will always find a market”.

With only speaking with her a few minutes I could tell by her personality as well as her designs that she has a love for fashion, animals, and expression of self.


The second designer Larry Greer with Flight 94 clothing is street and urban wear with its own authentic twist.  Like Stephanie, Larry also has a larger story and purpose behind his clothing.  Larry’s journey began in 2010 after his uncle was murdered, he was 16 and didn’t know what he wanted to do with his life. He had a passion for creating and tried things like Nike and even making comic books. But finally, after struggling to figure out what he wanted to do, he discovered his passion for designing. It has taken off since then, hence the perfect name of Flight 94.  He states that ” 94 was the year he was born, and that flight means to always follow your dreams”. Coming from a place like STL it can seem daunting at times to actually follow your dreams, or even sometimes make it out the rough environments.  Larry has however done just that with further plans to expand in more stores and plans to attend a trade show in Las Vegas.

Larry Greer.png

Flight 94 designs expressed emotions and were out of the box. The unisex style makes these designs a hit no matter the sex or race you are. Some of his pieces have been featured on Tory Lanez and even Dj Envy with the breakfast club.  Within the casual conversation, I asked Larry “what would he give as fashion advice for people who may be struggling to find themselves or their sense of style?” He, passionately stated, ” Go for it!, Don’t care what people say, Just do you”.

Untitled design (1).png

Through this experience that not only got me out of my comfort zone but it also helps me to see that fashion really is more than just clothes, it’s expression. It’s you being whoever it is that you are and showcasing that to the world through the clothes you wear. The thing about fashion and style is that it doesn’t have to be trendy, it just has to be you. You don’t have to be a celebrity to make a difference, you can start by making a difference in who you are and where you are in your communities. Don’t be afraid to step outside of the box, and create looks that cater to who you are. After all, you only get one shot in life to be who you are, so why not dress in a way that speaks true to your soul.


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( Thank you to Muse for hosting a fashion show that celebrated all shapes, colors, genders, and sexual orientations)


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