How Pain Became Music and Music Became Purpose

How Pain Became Music and Music Became Purpose

Could you find the strength to live and fight for what you believe in if you lost the most important people that you loved?  Could you find yourself after losing yourself through the struggle and the pain? Would you be able to give up what you thought you wanted for something unfamiliar and different?  Would you be able to find the strength to keep going even if chasing your dreams was the hardest thing that you had to do?

See, not too many people would be able to answer yes to these questions. As it seems that a lot of people give up on their dreams before they even get to see them manifest. There are a lot of people who give into life’s struggles and let it get the best of them.

However, there are few like Ise’ah Bentley who have managed to go through the roughest storms in life and has continued to push for greater even when it seemed hopeless at times.  From losing his brother in a home invasion, having eviction notices at the door, and even losing his direction. He has managed to not only overcome but to conquer, and the best thing about it is he is not even done yet.

Ise’ah Bentley also known by his music artist name as Fuego Bentley is a Midwest native who currently lives in Phoenix, Arizona, who has a unique melody that touches the soul, gives you vibes and speaks truths on a whole different level. Unlike a lot of current artists who just give you something to dance to but no real substance to feel,  Bentley brings back the appreciation for lyrical verses. He is known as the Marvin Gay of Hip Hop and wants to give you more than just music but also a story.

Fuego Bentley

His story, his music, his growth, his passion are all things to be admirable. To see how no matter where you come from or what you go through, that you can indeed do and be greater if you choose to.

I had the pleasure of getting to interview Fuego Bentley with some questions that I hope will inspire you to continue to chase your dreams no matter what it is you have faced or are facing, you can do it if you don’t give up.

Music For The Soul.png

1. When did you begin to make music?
 At age 12 I was writing a lot of poetry, I began freestyling and doing little battles around 16, I started recording at age 19 and I started taking it really serious around 2013.
2. What would you describe as your style of music?
Melodic Hip Hop, My style is kinda whatever I’m feeling, I can write a song about being in love, then turn around and write one about wanting to be loved, then turn around and write a club song, it just depends on my mood.  I like to look at myself as The Marvin Gaye of Hip Hop, your gonna get punchlines, metaphors, storylines, concepts as well as melody, singing, and real feelings
3. Where does your passion and purpose come from?
My passion comes from god, as well as my purpose. I didn’t choose to be an artist, I wanted to cook, but after a lot of trials and tribulations throughout my 27 years on this earth, losing my auntie, brother, uncle, cousin and grandma….music was the only thing that made sense, I took it, ran with it and haven’t looked back since.
Family Is What Matters.png
4. What is your story?
My story is deeper than I am probably willing to spill at this moment but just know I’ve buried a lot of my family members, I’ve seen a lot with these brown eyes and appreciate life for what it is, every day on this side of the grass is a blessing. People will always tell you how your should live your life, they’ll have their opinions and advice on things that they, themselves would never be able to do, so I do my best to inspire anyone and everyone I can, to show people, the kids looking up to me that your situation should never determine your future, fall down, get up, dust off and keep going.
5. What is your future goals?
I want to be the Biggest Artist to have ever came from Missouri, not in the sense of money and popularity, but for what I do for my community and what I’ve done for other artists as far as bridging the gap and making it possible to get out of Missouri and show the world what a kid from the midwest can do.  One day I want to perform at the Faurot Field at Mizzou and it be sold out. That’s been a goal/dream of mines since I’ve started! I wanna bring big names and throw a summer concert in Columbia, MO.
6. How do you plan on standing out from other rappers this day and age? 
I don’t plan on standing out, I already do. you can listen to my music and see how I’m different, my voice, my struggle, my pain, my sound, my topics, my songs aren’t the normal rap songs. They are real, and my fans connect to them because of that very reason.
7. What are your plans for giving back? 
I wanna give back to my community as well as to families who have dealt with trauma from loved ones being murdered, helping them pay the funeral cost and etc. I also want to do a revamp of the big brother’s program for the black youth. We suffer the most between the ages of 13 and 18 without having 2 parents in the home, we need better programs for the youth, because bad kids turn into bad adults, there will be less men in prison if we start helping them at a young age, I also want to do a lot of other things but that for me to know and the world to appreciate when it happens.
8. Why good vibes? Whats the story behind this?
I started throwing Good vibes shows because, 1 I was releasing my first album entitled Good Vibes, 2. because people weren’t giving me the opportunities I thought that I deserved, I was working my ass off for years and wasn’t getting and opportunities, so I decided to throw my own shows, funded by myself and give other artists who deserved opportunities a venue to put there music out as well as my own. in 4 years I’ve given almost 50 different artists from all over the midwest and more a chance to do what they were born to do, I’m proud and happy they have all been successful.
good vibes
9. Who do you look up to when it comes to music?
Sade, 2Pac, Lauren Hill, BIG, Aaliyah, Eminem, Ludacris, Fabulous, Musiq  Soulchild, Usher, Drake, J Cole, Big Sean, Kendrick Lamar, Wale
Untitled design (1).png
10. What is words of advice you would give to someone chasing their dreams?
Life is full of millions of people who gave up on themselves before they reached their potential, Chasing your dreams is the hardest thing you can do, because you will lose sleep, friends, family, jobs, money, and your sanity, but once you make your dreams come true and you look in the mirror and say, I did that. That is Life. through all the turmoil and struggles and all the setbacks you never give up, because giving up is easy, but staying strong and being the one who never gave up is rare, don’t you wanna be Rare?

Don't You Want To Be RARE-.png

Not to mention that he has also done two full albums already packed with authentic lyrics.  One album which is entitled Good Vibes and the next Trill Waves, either one of these albums will have you on an exclusive wave that will leave you wanting more vibes.

He’s worked hard to not only give you music but also brings great visuals to his music videos. Some of his latest videos are Late Night Flex and Realism.


See, chasing something greater than yourself and greater than what you been through can exhaust everything that you are but at the same time, it can also make you everything that you can be. No matter what your dreams are whether music, art, cooking, dance, healthcare, writer, sports, whatever it may be DON’T Give up on them because you are worth fighting for.

Fuego Bentley is proof that you can indeed triumph over the very things that were made to destroy you. That your pain can most certainly become a part of your purpose.

Keep Pushing.

You Can Do Anything If You'll Just Believe.png

For more vibes or to check out Fuego Bentley for yourself , check out his social media or his Fuego Fridays.


Youtube: Fuego Bentley ( Music videos)

Snapchat: Bentley573

Facebook: Fuego Bentley

Instagram: Fuego Bentley

Catch his freestyle mixes that he does every Friday called Fuego Fridays on Instagram

@ Fuego Fridays


Comment below a dream that you are chasing 🙂


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