A Transformation story of how one girl lost over 100 pounds by learning to love and accept herself

There are times in life that we may get to the point of giving up on everything even ourselves. Maybe, it’s the fact that life gets to be too much to handle at times or that we are tired of trying time after time. It could be our environment, it could be that we don’t fit in.  It could be that we plainly aren’t happy in our own skin. All of these factors plus others can contribute to lower self- esteem, lower levels of ambition, loss of direction and more. If we feel like we have no goals, no direction, we don’t love ourselves, and we feel unimportant it could lead us to the point that we don’t care or we don’t even try.

But eventually enough becomes enough, and you have to be the one to choose whether or not you will continue to allow those things to break you, or if you will choose to let them make you.  Eventually, you get to the point in making the decision to either continue to live, be, and do exactly what’s keeping you where you are or to change your life, thinking, actions through developing something new.

Today’s story is about a girl named Whitney, who was lost in direction, had low self- esteem, was unhappy, and very unhealthy. Her story is one that shows you that learning to give yourself second chances is a choice that can change your life.   She was able to take her life into her own hands by taking not only her health but her life more seriously. She was able to lose over 100 pounds, graduate, learn to love herself and more.

I hope that her story inspires you to give yourself a second chance and to fight for what you want for your own life.



1. What was life for you before you began your self-love, health journey?

Oh. That’s a hard one. Very different and the same. I was more closed minded about things. My attitude sucked. I’d prejudge people before they could judge me. I was still fragile. A lot more fearful. I took things personally and exaggerated. I didn’t have clear goals at all just ideas. I did not think about things as much. I find myself thinking about everything now, like the world and just everything. When I look back, I was in a very negative spot.

2. What type of perception and attitude did you have about yourself and life around you?

That the world didn’t want people like me. That I didn’t have anything anyone needed or wanted. I was a victim. I had just no clue about a lot of things.

3. What played a role in how you viewed yourself both before and after starting this journey?

My mom. My personal trainer. They both always just believed me, no doubt. A lot when I didn’t believe or think of myself at all.

4. What has been your biggest struggle as well as your biggest motivator?

My biggest struggle is confidence. I can slay all day. But when life gets heavy sometimes I see that former 300-pound girl, doubt herself entirely. My biggest motivation is the idea of how much we can shape the world around us. I guess It’s more my passion for a good challenge. I’ve overcome a lot. It’s addicting. I have a learning disorder. It’s always made me feel less. The other day I spent a good six hours on one math problem. People in my class gave up. I went to tutoring. Still couldn’t get it. I worked on it for another hour after tutoring. I got it by the time class started. Probably half the class was stumped. I did it on the white board in front of the whole class. That was bittersweet. I have the quadratic formula memorized. I never would have even a year ago. Personal growth is addictive.


5. What do you do on days you feel like giving up?

Oh yeah. The other day. I had to have “me” time. I either cook mostly paleo, workout, listen to motivational speakers, go out with friends, or straight up treat myself to get out of my funk. I just take those days in the moment. Like it’s not a bad life or year. It’s just a day. A day I wasn’t super productive. But the next day will arrive. I’ll do better. But maybe I won’t? There’s the next day after that and the next. It’s ok to give yourself a second to feel things and take some time to recover from them.

6. What is your support system like?

I have a small family we’re all pretty close to each other. I have had the same best friends for over ten years. I have a nice little circle of people who love me a lot. They are good people.

7. What finally made you take that step?

Oh. I’ve had lots of ups and downs. I was doing well. Eating well, working full time and going to school. I just had like an internal crisis. I dropped everything and went to Oregon for a year. I came back with so much knowledge. I have to have structure, things that stimulate me mentally, health foods and the gym. I lived without structure for a year and went mad. I was a workaholic that was about it. I did have goals. I was working so much I didn’t make time for my passions. That really helped make me realize so much. Like, I need goals always. I need to stimulate myself. I need a channel to talk about things that matter. I did a whole lot of nothing that year. It just made me realize how important it is to be productive and passionate. I’m glad I moved. It made me only way more motivated now.


8. What are things to show yourself that you love yourself?

I like to dance around to Gold Link in my underwear. I’m like, “damn gurl. You fine.” I’ve started each day by, goal setting, giving thanks and reminding myself of my accomplishments. Eating well is honoring my body and loving myself. I like to dress up in flowers, that is how I express my self-love. I feel so lovely in them.

9. What are some words of advice you would give to other people In your shoes?

Don’t be so hard on yourself. Seriously stop! You can be anything. You really can. I feel like I’ve started from the bottom educational-wise and now I’m graduating in 8 days. It hasn’t been easy at all. But it’s happening. You can do anything, you just gotta work at it. You really can’t put yourself down along the way. Also, Tony Robbins has changed my life. He’s a motivational speaker. I recommend everybody listen to him.

10. What are plans for the present and the future?

I’m graduating on May 12th. I switched up my major like last month. I’m going back to school. I’m majoring in Nutrition and Health. I want to be Wellness Coach. I want people to come to me for meal plans, motivation, and a workout plan. My summer is pretty busy. I have a lot of trips, work study, and two college courses. I’m also moving to Nevada and getting a Nephew. I’m trying to plan long term around all this. I plan on becoming a certified Zumba instructor by the end of this year, and trainer within the next two years. I figure when the school load dies down a little. I’m pretty amped. It’s never too late to choose yourself first and do things for you.

Sometimes it takes us getting to our ugliest to realize how to start creating something more beautiful for our lives. But Whitney’s story shows that no matter how ugly it may get something beautiful can still come from it.

Don’t be afraid to give yourself a second chance. Don’t be afraid to stretch yourself and learn something outside of your comfort zone. It is out of your comfort zone where growth lies.

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