When Life Keeps Knocking You Down ( You Get Back Up )

Feeling like your going 10 steps forward but then get knocked back 20? Does it seem like no matter what you do nothing is giving? You think as though your doing all that you can. You ask repeatedly why you? Why do bad things keep happening to me?

You can’t wrap your mind on the fact that everything around you seems to be crumbling down and you just feel like your problems are burying you alive.

Every time you look up it’s this or that. It’s the daily struggles you endure plus random life happenings.

Maybe, no one’s there comforting. Maybe, no one’s there encouraging you. Maybe, you feel like no one understands. You at times just want to scream out in anguish and give up.

From this place you slowly feel disillusioned, filling yourself up with anxiety. A million questions and thoughts running through your head.


Don't Give upYour Life Is Not Over Yet.png

Before you know it you’ve cried a river  of tears, lashed out on someone you love, and emotionally tore yourself down even more with harsh words.

Thoughts like;

I wish this…

If I had this…

If only I hadn’t did…

If he/she didn’t..

If this didn’t…

Why couldn’t I  have…

If only I looked…

If only my parents would have…

I can’t do this…

I am not good enough…

I’m so tired of this…

I am so sick of this…

Why me?

Why now?

Why this?




You feel like your losing yourself as though your









down a deep dark well, just as Alice did, but instead it’s not a wonderland. It’s the reality of life trying to entangle you in pity and despair, while knocking you down over and over again, just as if life was the water at the bottom of the well.

Drowning, by your thoughts, problems, regrets, while also attempting to escape.  The only thing keeping you motivated to escape is the little glimmer of your hopes and dreams in the distance.

All you want to do is breathe.

All you want to do is feel like your getting ahead instead of being stuck or worse off then you were before.


F    I   N   A   L    L    Y,


after catching your breath. You attempt to reciprocate, thinking of the next best plan.


See, however this doesn’t solve the heart of the issue. Thinking of a new plan, or moving out of impulse, is just a temporary quick fix because as soon as life starts knocking you back down you end up back in this cycle of ups and downs.



Are you going to keep letting life get the best of you?

Are you going to keep letting life knock you down to the point that you feel like giving up?

Will you keep having self pity?

Will you keep going on this emotional   R















Will you be riddled by depression and anxiety?

Will you keep waging war with the past or pointing the finger at someone else?

Or will you decided to GET UP and fight and know life the hell out?(lol)

Don't Give upYour Life Is Not Over Yet (1).png


See, the issue is not that life has issues but how we are choosing to deal with the issues that make it an issue.


The truth is we will always face problems. We will always have unexpected life happenings that take us by surprise.

So, the question is are we prepared?


The question is have you tricked your mind into believing that life is always peaches and cream? Do you say to yourself often that will never happen to me?

Maybe your looking at it all wrong.
In order to win that fight we must realize that we are in a battle to begin with.

The battle for our happiness. The battle for our successes. The battle for our identity, our souls, our dreams, our families, our lives as a whole.

If we choose to let life do whatever to us then we can expect for life to go anyway for us.

It reminds me of that saying ” If you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything”.

Are you letting life knock you down because you have nothing to stand for? Or do you have something to stand for but get discouraged when life tries to knock you down?



Everything YouNeed Is Already Inside You

That’s the thing, there will always be people and situations in life that will try to knock you down over and over again. It will try to destroy you. It will try to stop you from being who you are mean’t to be.


The key however is not to let it. The key is to rise and fight each and everyday. It won’t be easy but you must remember that giving up won’t be easy either.

Below are a few things that will help you continue to fight when you have been knocked down to many times. I am just listing these, however tomorrow I will upload a video that explains these more in detail as well as give you some of my own story of being knocked down by life.


Ideas To Help You Get Back Up When Life Keeps Knocking You Down 



1. Accept Reality

2. Mentally Prepare For Challenges

3.Remember To  Breathe

4. Look For The Good Even In The Bad

5. Remember Your Why

6. Put A Support System In place

7. Stay True To Yourself

8. Take It A Step At A Time

9. Allow Yourself To Feel Only For A little

10. Learn From Mistakes and Use  It To Help You Grow

11. Pray

12. Focus On The Big Picture

13. Let Go Of The Past

14. Stop Looking On The Outside

15. Don’t Listen To The World

16. Create Your Own Definition of Life

17. Relax/ Rejuvenate

18. Have an Expressive Outlet

19. Keep Things In Perspective

20. Be Fearless


These are just a few things that I have used time and time again as life has knocked me down. Ever since I was a young girl in middle school, I have always been told that I was resilient. Honestly, that is what you have to be in this cruel world.  There will be thousands of things to knock you down, but you have to find the strength inside to find a million reasons to get back up.

Every Flower Must Grow Through Dirt.png

Stay tuned for tomorrows video where I will further describe each of these items and more.



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