Letting Nothing Stop Your Shine

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light not our darkness, that most frightens us” —Marianne Williamson 

-Our deepest fear is not they we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light not our darkness, that most frightens us- ---Marianne Williamson.png


There is a light inside us that we all have yet, so many people are walking around dull or with no light at all. I think about sayings like “you light up the room”, that people use to express some of the energy in which one can release from this light. Or even the darkness one can release with sayings such as “there’s so much negative energy”.


Too think that both light and dark take energy. To think that both light and dark give and take away something from who we are. The difference is one is good and one is not so good.

Why is it that we are afraid to let our light shine? Why are we afraid of the limitless power in which we possess?

Is it that we allow things to block this light? Is that we allow things to hinder this light?


Are we afraid to show our light of who we are because someone else doesn’t want us to shine brightly?


I can’t help but to think of all the things that I have allowed both with circumstances or people around me to do, to dim my light.

Even now I am looking for ways within to continue to keep the light lit and grow the flame within.




My mind can’t get around the fact that I’ve let so many people tell me what I shouldn’t do or couldn’t do. To think that I had let so many other people’s opinions change the way I viewed myself . Through these I can feel that overtime it made me hard on myself. There are times I’ve looked in the mirror and disliked what I saw. Times that nothing I did made me happy.

Overtime of dealing with so much of the darkness in the world and in others around you, it can easily be turned into you losing faith in who you are and the light you have.



You you begin to allow other people’s darkness to cover your own light.  Before you know it if you do nothing you will become darkness.

See that’s the thing though, there is always going to be darkness in the world around us but we with light must not allow those things to dim our light.


I realize that the more power you give darkness the more darkness in you grows.


Looking at at my own life I see that I was not happy with what I saw in the mirror because it wasn’t me. It was who everyone else said I could be or who I was.


From the the name calling or to someone putting down my dreams. I was not the light of who I was which is the truest to who you really are.


At times I succumb to darkness because I’m afraid of people’s opinion of being the light amongst the darkness. Of being the one that stands out and does things differently from the world. At times I get sucked into doing what darkness does because at those moments I’m afraid to stand up for the light, which is really who I am. Thinking at times that people wouldn’t accept me if I didn’t do what they did.


It  truly is a battle of light and darkness inside and all around you. But we can not keep allowing ourselves to be shaped by darkness because of the fear of how bright our lights may shine.


Instead we should be true to who we are in the the inside and stand firm on who we are. We should make darkness come into our light not the other way around. We shouldn’t allow these dark things to change us so much that we are selves become another clone of what society is already doing.


We  should stop allowing people or things that are not even on our level or even meant for us to try to tell us what’s meant for us.

We must appreciate the light of who we are before we lose who we are.


We  should stop being so afraid to let our light shine and realize that who and what’s meant to be in our lives will accept our light, shine like we are, or will come into our light.

I realize that by not accepting the light of who I am I am rejecting who I am. I am trying to force myself to be something I am not every time it goes outside of what I am. The light of my existence is who I am.

The light is our purpose.

The light is our likes.

The light is our scars.

The light is our emotions.

The light is our strength.

The light is our beauty.

The light is our sacrifices and hard work.

The light is our protection and our shelter.

The light of who we are, are the things that make our heart sing. Are the things that make us smile a mile long. The light of who we are is the burning passion/excitement what we feel in our hearts.

It is is something that comes naturally and is not forced.


Truly the light is all that we love and all that we are.

We should stop being afraid to be ourselves, because we can at the end of the day only be ourselves if we truly want to be happy and fulfilled.

It is when we begin to change ourselves for the darkness that surrounds us that we begin to lose ourselves.

I am making the stand to stand for who I am. To fight for who I am and who I want to be even in the midst of the darkness that surrounds me.

I have lived so many years doing and being what everyone else wanted, now it’s time for me to do and be what I want.


Which is is my most authentic self. Which is accepting the light of who I am even if that makes someone else feel uncomfortable. I have to be who I am for me because when I shut my eyes for good the only one who will be there is me.

So, I say yes to the light.

I say yes to freedom of being me.

Just know that it’s okay to do something different. That when your in the light your not meant to fit in.

Maybe if more people would be true to the light they have inside them instead of what others and the world says, more people would be happy. There would be more people living their dreams.


Don’t keep settling for darkness because the darkness is uncomfortable with your light.

Instead let your light shine the brightest no matter the amount of darkness.


Live and be fully the person that you were created to be. The person that you see yourself being.  The person that does what makes you happy and proud.



Light to me is all that you are created for.  (you being yourself)

Darkness to me is all that you aren’t created for. (you not being yourself)


We all have light and darkness in us we just have to choose which one is true to us.

Don’t let people change you. Don’t let the world change you.

Love yourself enough to fight for who you are and all that you want to become.

Creating and living life on your own terms.


Below you will find ways that I have used to grow in who I am.










Ways to let your light shine


1. Know what it is you like, want, and who it is you want to be in life.

Knowing what it is YOU really want in your life will stop the chances of pressure from the world changing what it is you want. Living for you is what keeps your light shining.

2. Surround yourself with people who will help grow you in your light

Be around people that will elevate you. Surrounding yourself with people that will give you life and not drain you.

3. Release your talents, thoughts, what you have inside you

We can never shine if we never release what it is we have inside. Be unafraid to just be yourself and express who it is you are. No matter if someone else likes it or not.

4. Be around like minded people

Not only is it important to be around people that will elevate you but also people that are on your same level. People that you can connect with and have a sense of understanding.

5. Learn more and act on what you learn

There is no growth without learning something new. Continuing to learn new things that can improve your life will only help you to continue to grow in the light of who you are.

6. Meditate and self reflect

Take sometime to unplug and isolate yourself from the noise. Self reflection and meditation will help you to keep things in perspective. As well as stay in tune to your essence.

7. Continue to seek and be positive

With so much negativity going on in the world it’s a must that we seek and create positivity for our lives. Not everyday will it be easy to be positive, but we have to attempt to. Being negative and surrounding yourself by negative guarantees that you will dim your light.

8. Prayer

Faith is a big factor, it helps you to accomplish things in which you haven’t seen yet. Speaking things into existence for the betterment of who you are. Trust and believe in what it is you speak and watch it slowly manifest

9. Keep it simple

Sometimes we tend to overthink things in our lives. The overthinking is what causes us to stunt our growth or not even begin at all. Remember to keep it simple because when you are being you, you shine naturally…. Don’t force it 😊


10. Be conscious

Be conscious of what it is you are doing and speaking over your life. Sometimes we can be our own worst enemies. Remember what it is you want and who it is you are and make sure consciously that it aligns with that.


These are just a few things that have helped me to start getting back in tuned with my light after losing it a few years ago. It is a daily thing that you have to work on especially with the increase of darkness in the world today.  But if superhero movies ever taught me anything it’s that the light (good) always prevails.  It’s a life long journey but one worthy of fighting for because your worthy of fighting for.


Go out and shine your light today.


How will you shine ?☀️




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