How To Start Living And Not Just Exist

See, I can’t imagine just living to pay bill and die. I can’t imagine working my life away as time keeps slipping by. Deep down inside I know there’s way more to life than just existing.

Sometimes you may look around and feel like everyone’s living but you. You may look around and feel that your behind.

Somehow though I believe that the key to living is by actually learning to live in the moments that we are already in.

I asked a 92 year old man who was in the marines, air force in his younger days and now he is on the urge of death. He is very sick and on hospice. He has in a sense sort of given up already. But I asked him how does one start living life? His response, ” during it”. It is during our lives that we should begin to make the most of it and start living life to the fullest.

It's DuringLiving that we should start Living Life.png

It’s easy to think that we aren’t living when we may not have all the things we want in our lives. Whether that be the car we want to drive, the way we look or even the money we have in our bank accounts.

Maybe, we don’t feel alive because we continually look on the outside for things to make us come alive.

What if the key to really living is nothing externally but what we have and who we are internally.

What if instead we search inside to figure out what really makes us come alive.

Even in thinking about my own life, I realize everything that made me feel alive was not the new car I bought or the new clothes, but instead moments and memories I managed to create.

What made me feel alive was not the car but the feeling of how hard work paid off.

What made me feel alive was not the outfit but the feeling of knowing where my true beauty lies.

It’s only when I lose sight of truth or get confused on the meaning of living that make me feel as though I am not living.

Everything outside of you can trick you into believing that your not really living ig you don’t look a certain way or have certain material possessions.

It can cause you to feel that you must obtain a certain thing to be living when really that’s not the case at all.

So what if you don’t have millions in the bank.

So what if you don’t have a big butt or full lips.

So what if you have drive a Mercedes or a benz.

Does that make you who you are or what you have less valuable?

Will you put your life on hold, be miserable and unhappy because you don’t have what the world says you need to start living?

Will you stop yourself from finding happiness?

Will it stop you from getting to point a to point be because your not whipping a foreign?

Will it stop you from being loved because you don’t have the money or look like a Kardashian?



It COULDN’T, if you choose to make the decision to find ways of living even when your life doesn’t match up to the standards of someone else’s.

Living and not existing is your choice

Living and not existing is more than possessions

Living and not existing is making the most of who you are and what you have

Living and not existing is you choosing to be above your circumstance

You can live and find happiness right where you are


Don’t wait around for stuff to happen instead choose to live and make what you want happen.




Right here and right now.


You create your own story. You are the one who lives each day. Are you choosing to just settle and exist or are you choosing to live and persist?


Starting To Live And Not Just Exist(and how to).png


1. Attitude of gratefulness

What better way to feel like your living then to be thankful for all the things that you already have. Remembering that a lot of what you have could be something that someone else is praying for. It helps to keep you in the moment.



2. Do something that you love each day

Feel alive by doing something that you love to do each day. It is so easy to get wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of everyday, that we simply just forget to take the time to do something that we love.  Do something that makes you happy each day and watch how it changes the way you feel on a daily basis.

3. Pursue your dreams

Often times we give up on our dreams for whatever reason. But pursuing something greater than ourselves can make us feel more alive then we ever have. Don’t give up on something that you really want for your life. Instead have passion and go after it with your whole heart, after all you only get one shot at life.

4. Do something spontaneous

Routine, routine, routine. It can get old sometimes after you’ve done the same things for most of your life. It is easy to feel like you just exist when your doing the same thing everyday. Do something spontaneous every once and a while shake things up.

5. Meet new people

How fun is it to meet someone you never met before. You never know how meeting someone new in your life can make you want more out of life. Being around people that are positive and living life, will give you motivation to do the same.

6. Perfect your craft

We all have something that we are good at. Usually the things that we are good at are the things that bring us joy.  So, take the time to work on the things that bring you joy. You never know your craft can become a source of income or even a way to give back.

7. Become more mindful

Being mindful can help us to live and be in the moment. Sometimes we don’t feel like we are living because are minds are stuck in the past or to far ahead in the future. Practicing mindfulness can help you to remember to make the most of today.

8.Open yourself up spiritually

Connection with something greater than yourself will help you to get your mind off of you and all the problems.  Being spiritually aware opens up a greater sense of self and what the universe has to offer. Therefore making the possibilities of feeling alive so much greater than just what is around you.

9. Travel when you can

The cost of travel is so expensive. But you can always save up to take trips. Even if it’s not an airplane a road trip is always nice. Being able to travel opens your horizons and awareness of the world and all it has to offer.

10. Take advantage of free

In your hometown there should be events, programs, classes and etc that are offered at no cost at all. Take advantage of these things, you never know what you will learn or who you will meet that could have the potential to enrich your life so much more.

11.Create what you want to happen

If you can’t find what you want already in the world, then create what you want to happen. Don’t sit around waiting for someone’s approval or for someone else to make it happen, you be the one to to lead the way.

12. Make changes

Sometimes you just need something new. Whether that’s a new you, new place, new state, new routine, new job or whatever the case maybe…. change could possibly be something that you need. Don’t be afraid to do something different from time to time.

13. Change your perception

Maybe you don’t feel like your living because of the thoughts that you are thinking. We are sometimes are own worst enemy. We can make things in our minds seem worse than what they actually are. Take sometime to think about how your looking at certain situations. Possibly just some adjustments from negative to positive thinking can change your life drastically.

14. Deplug for a while

It’s okay to take a break every now and then. Take sometime to not get on social media and check emails thousands of times a day. Maybe you just need sometime to rejuvenate. 9/10 a lot of the reasons we feel like we are not living is because we are constantly comparing our lives to other people’s on social media anyway. Go within and take a break to focus on your own life and how to make yours great.

15. Do something for you

Do, do, do, do, do, do at times we forget to do for ourselves because we are doing so much for everyone else.  Not that its wrong to do something for someone else, but don’t do so much that it makes you resentful because you have no time for yourself. If you want to be living, you have to be able to take care of you to.

16. Give back

The times that I was able to give back where the times that I felt alive the most. Being able to give to someone less fortunate or help with a worthy cause can give you a reason to keep living.

17. Spend time with people you love

What’s better than family get together and BBQ. Even though family can be hard times, its also are family that helps us to get through hard times.  At times are family is what helps us to keep going when we feel like giving up.


18. Laugh more, worry less

Worrying does nothing but bring added stress to your life. Stress does nothing but give you gray hairs lol. No, but seriously stress can cause a lot of health problems. We have to remember to not sweat the small stuff and take everything with a grain of salt. Make an effort to laugh more and worry less, realizing that there is a time for everything. Everything happens for a reason.

19. Learn something new

We can not grow in life if we are not learning in life. Come alive by learning something new. Out with the old and in with the new.


20. BE YOU

The key ultimately to living and not existing is for you to just be yourself. Be self aware and do what’s best for you. What if one of the reasons your feeling like your existing is because you are making yourself be something that your not. What if you are doing everything to make someone else happy but nothing to make you happy. This is your life so you have to be the one to live it.


It’s easy to settle and just exist, it’s hard to persist and keep living. We all have been through trials and tribulations. Unfortunately, in this imperfect world we will always face something, but that doesn’t mean that we should give in and let life defeat us. Instead find ways to keep thriving, persisting even through the hard times. Find ways to keep yourself going when you feel like giving up.

But most importantly don’t die on the inside while your still living. There is so much more to life than the problems we face or the things that we have. It’s up to make the most of the one life that we have.

Choose to live today not just exist.



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