Will Virtual Reality Change Fashion As We Know It?

Excuse me if I let my imagination run wild as I write this post. To be in touch with the side of you that still believes anything is possible is invigorating.  It’s the child like side of you that used to believe that you could be a mermaid or a ninja crime fighting super hero. That’s the side that I allowed myself to go to in this post.

Nonetheless, I hope it give you a chance to hop back in time to when you were a child with endless imagination.

In order to imagine what the future holds we must act as if we were born in recent times where instead of outdoors and building blocks, normal is cell phones, tablets, and social media.





In putting myself as a child in this day in age. I cant even imagine the never ending possibilities of what fashion and technology will be. Predicting the future is just that a prediction. But in my prediction of the fashion world are things that  you wouldn’t expect but everything you would hope for.

Fashion in the future will be full of glorious wonders. Could there be a chance where technology, fashion, and convenience make what seems to be impossible possible? Such as the ability to have shoes that lace themselves or change different patterns electronically. Or maybe even pants that zip themselves and are make themselves compatible to your body type.

The future I foresee is a virtual fashion world that will allow the capabilities of fashion to be pushed to the next level. Imagine a world that would allow you to use technology to get dressed in the morning or anytime with a simple press of a button or voice command.

It sort of reminds me of a scene from the movie clueless where Cher (Alicia Silverstoon) is able to compute what she want to wear in a closet system in which her closet rotated to her selection. Ever since that movie I realized that fashion could go far. So what if virtually you could up in the morning put your feet on the ground and a voice a little comparable to siri asks you what  you would like to war and all you had to say is what you wanted to wear. Then that same voice could scan over you and apply the clothes in real material. Which would allow you the opportunity to have a virtual closet instead of a real one.

No more messy closets or clothes all over the floor. Look at all the changes being made in the tech world with virtual reality headset that stimulate the senses while giving you real like experiences, how extraordinary would that be to bring that to fashion.




With virtual reality you could be able to participate in fashion events that typically the prestige or those that know the prestige can attend. For instance New York Fashion Week. The virtual reality could actually make you feel as though you were sitting in the front row of the fashion show witnessing every detail in real life. An experience that would allow you to witness the designers first hand, see celebrities, and clothing potentially anywhere with the ease and mobility of the virtual reality.




Something even more spectacular  would be the ability to order clothing on demand. What if you wanted something you saw on tv, magazine or in a show. How cool would it be to simply just be able to interactively be able to press the item on any of those medias and be able to automatically purchase and then within no time what you ordered arrives.  You would only be able to purchase with something self identifying such as your finger print verses a credit card. Just think about how that could boost the economy and make it more convenient and safe  for you.

This could cut back on the amount of credit card fraud and identity theft. You wouldn’t have to wait a long time to purchase something, and knowing that you have to use something like a finger print to purchase items it would increase your trust in purchasing items that you see in various media outlets.



giphy (1).gif

Being a designer would only get better with the advancement of technology. No more sketching on pads and wasting trees. Instead it would be the possibility of mobile virtual program that would allow you to touch, move, create on your demand. You would be able to make up various aspects that you see in your mind but with half the work. This projection type of creating designs can allow you to create more than one look and actually see 3D samples of what your design would actually look like on the human body. There would be no more slip ups or redesigns with the ability to quickly, easily, efficiently have everything you need at will.


Virtual RealityIs TheBest Reality.png

With this quick access to technology it allows you to be able to get inspiration everywhere and create on the spot. You have to wait until later, write it in your phone, or forget about an idea.


Magazines in written format are slowly declining with many options being available online. In the future I could see magazine being only existent in a virtual aspect. Where the magazine could appear in front of you say while your at a coffee shop. The magazine could potentially not only read the articles to you but also pictures and advertisements could popped up in 3D images. This would allow the magazines to be more hands on leaving a last impression. There could be thousands of magazines available from all over the country with virtual ease.


In the future there are no limits of what one can learn or the information that will be accessible.  The mind although captivated with the easy of technology could also expand with endless of knowledge that can be obtained through technology.


Put No Limits.png

A lot of people have a love/hate relationship with online shopping. Some people love the convenience but hate they cant try anything on.  Virtual reality could make it possible to access online stores that would appear in the comfort of someones home. So you could experience the store and see what the outfit looked like on virtually without having to leave your home. This would allow the online shopping world to be a love/ love relationship.

There could be new shapes, designs, colors and more.

Truly fashion is art. Just as sure as there is a future there will always be fashion. There are no limits when it comes to technology.

The unexpected is nothing but an adventure waiting to be explored.



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(This blog post is a part of Design Blogger Competition organized by CGTrader )


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