What’s Stopping You From Your Dreams?

What are you going to do today? What have you been doing? Have you been telling yourself what your going to do but not doing it? How much progression have you made? What have you accomplished so far this year?

Yes, you maybe able to give a great answer for all of these but do you really feel like you have given your best? Do you feel like you are as far as you could be?

What’s stopping you? What’s distracting you from doing what it is  that needs to be done?

Is it hours on social media? Is it the pain of not having a loved one? Is it constant thoughts of the past? Is it the things you want but don’t have? Is it that you aren’t seeing what it is that you do have?

Why do you feel like you lack what it takes to get the job done? Why do you allow that little slither of guilt, pain, grief, shame, negativity, to get the best of you?

You let so much of that get the best of you that you end up not giving your best into it.

Wake up and see that you have all it takes!


You have always had what it takes, you have just allowed so much of the people and circumstances that have happened to you outweigh your ability to see that you are CAPABLE!

That you are all you need to get to where you really want to be.

Will you continue to allow life to get the best of you? Will you  keep  letting it stop you from going after all you want because you think you can’t do it? Or because someone told you that you couldn’t?

That’s the thing though, I just can’t keep letting life slip by. I think about all the wasted time and energy  on doubting, getting caught up with trying to control things I can’t, grief, anger, and so forth. I think about how I have a choice to make in how I handle life mishaps. For me I feel like I have had enough of the negative in my life.

To be able to channel that energy to something positive is the only way that will help me in living up to my potential and fulfilling my purpose.

I could easily make excuses of why I should give up, two days ago I had to think about the fact that my moms been gone for a year now. I could easily say how hard I have it. But I realize despite how hard I have it, that I am still so blessed to be able to see another day.

I know that I maybe going through the valley right now but I have faith for the mountain top. I have been through many valleys in my life so I know that I can make it through these.

But we have to find the power within to fight the things coming against us that are attempting to keep us away from our purpose. We have to stop being our own worst enemy. Seeing that the only way to overcome any of negative is to counteract that with the positive.

Will you control your mind or let your mind control you?

Will you find the power within to do the very thing that your mind says that you can not?

Can you find it within to conquer your biggest fears?

Can you find it within to stand up when you feel like giving up?

Can you find it within to find strength even when you feel weak?

See, we will be weak but in our weakness he is made strong.

This is the only chance at life that we get, so are we going to continue to live it settling or afraid? Or will we choose to go after everything we ever wanted with our whole entire being?

We’ve invested to much in everything else now it’s time to invest in ourselves. 

Would you be willing to sacrifice?

Would you be willing to look twice?

Would you be willing to go out of your way?

Would you be willing to change your ways?

Are you willing to invest everything you are into everything you want?

Stop holding on to what people have told you that you can’t do. 9/10 the things people tell you that you can’t do are some of the things that you can in fact do, someone just told you that you couldn’t do it because they can’t do it.

Take the time to see what it is that your good at.

You want to be a baker? Then bake.

You want to be a writer? Then write.

You want to be singer? Then Sing.

You want to be a teacher? Then teach.

You want to be a nurse, doctor, lawyer, rapper, athlete, banker, artist, construction worker, city worker…. whatever it is that you do then do it.

Do it with your whole entire being. If it’s not something you really want to do, then go and do the thing that you can give your whole entire being to.

It doesn’t matter what it is that you do, as long as it makes you happy and fulfilled. In all actuality no matter the title in which one has we all play apart in bigger pictures outside of ourselves.

For instance with a trash man there would be no one to take care of the unsanitary things that could potentially harm our families.  It would be harder to learn without anyone teaching.

It’s about you finding and being your best, so that you can give your best in your life. Ultimately we all want to be good people, with loving families, and etc.

No matter your vision, don’t keep letting all the bad and what if’s blind you.

Stay Focused.png

Begin by investing in learning more of what you need to know. By conquering the very fears and opposition trying to stop you from doing it.

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How will you choose to invest in yourself today? Comment Below and let me know 🙂


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