Feeling Like You Get 5 Steps Forward But Knocked 10 Steps Back?

Sometimes you have to take a step back in life. In taking those steps back you somehow either learn a lesson or continue to keep bumping your head on the same misfortune.  Or maybe even the same habits, same thoughts, or same feelings.  It could be one of those feelings when everything is going right, and then all of sudden circumstances arise that seem to knock you back. The next thing you know your saying to yourself ” Why do I go 5 steps forward to get knocked back 10.” It’s like, is there anything going to go consistently right in my life for once, or am I going to have to keep going through this cycle?

There was a time when that thought would hinder me from taking a look at why I was back  some steps. A lot of the times the same issues arise because we have yet to learn a lesson for ourselves. Once, I realized this it let me see that it was I  that I needed to look within to figure out the solution to the same problems that continued to arise, in which continue to have me taking steps back.

step backs can sometimes help you to take more steps forward.png

However, with those steps back some are out of your control, meaning not by choice. Some, are blessings in disguise and some are again lessons. There were times where taking steps back actually stopped me from a bigger issue arising, that I never forsaw.

So,  what I am trying to say is that you will take steps back in life and that is okay. But, it’s the way that you look at those that determine how whether you will gain or lose what you need to from these steps back.

For these past few months, I’ve had to take some steps back. Not only in dealing with personal issues but also in dealing with pain.  I was in the process of moving, kids starting school, the one year anniversary of my moms death, plus dealing with a bunch of other family issues and daily demands.   Just temporarily, I became overwhelmed and just needed to take a step back myself because I felt like all of that happening at once was pushing me back. It almost makes you question how strong God think you are sometimes?

The pressures of life no matter how positive you are as a person can sometimes get to you. Everyone is human and has emotions.  The pressures from those things when knocked down can be enough to also L A U N C H  you FORWARD as well. Even though, you may get knocked for a little or a few steps back, doesn’t mean that you can’t get back up.

Now at the point in seeing that I have nothing to lose, and really with only one life to live  you have only one something to lose. There can’t be excuses, there can’t be reasons why you don’t  believe in yourself, or reasons why you let whatever is attempting to hold you back…. hold you back.

Some lessons are blessings in disguise.png

No matter  what it is that you face you have to be willing to still dig deep within your soul to find the power to continue to fight for yourself, for the life that you deserve.

Losing my mom has been the greatest pain to endure amongst all the pain I have already endured. So, what could possibly break me?  When you get stuck in the moment you can forget that time is moving on, but it is moving on.

So, take the pain from anything that it is that you endure whether moving steps forward or moving steps back and continue to grow within and grow in life.

Continue to find reasons to live life.

Continue to find reasons to smile.

Continue to find reasons to laugh.

Continue to find reasons to breathe.

Continue to find reasons to love.

Continue to find reasons to be happy, to create, to inspire, to be positive, to be and have all things that are good for your soul.

Despite all the steps back that life may attempt to throw at you or the ones that you take back yourself, take the time to reflect on why, so that you can use that reflection as motivation for positive actions that will change your life for the better.

Being in a mental rut, unhappy place, stuck, lost, self-pity, self- doubt all of those are attempt to hold you back.

We have what it takes to propel our life, and continue to live our lives for the better.

Things To Do When You Take Steps Back1.Breathe2. Reevaluate The Situation3..png

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10 thoughts on “Feeling Like You Get 5 Steps Forward But Knocked 10 Steps Back?

    1. Yes after I lost my mom I fell down for a while it I figured she would want me to fight and keep moving forward not give up. I’m not sure what your going through to make you feel held back, you can still move forward. It’s possible. If you would like to see more in depth tips or testimony about topics like this please let me know. Thank you for the comment and the compliment. 💛

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Personally, I think it is inspiring seeing posts like this. I would love to see more.
        I gives me a lot of energy, reading your posts. And it motivates me even more, knowing you lost someone precious to you, and you still create powerful content like this.
        Thank you 😀


  1. I love this! Everyday you wake, there’s a reason to smile. You just have to remember that, and not let all the bad block your view and happiness ❤️ I found myself asking the same, “how strong does god think I am?” But apparently strong enough, because I’m still here and improving daily ☺️

    Liked by 1 person

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