Being Thankful Even For The Storms

When your up to your neck in what seems to be problems in demands, it’s easy to lose sight of the vision. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and feel like giving up.

However, today no matter how many problems you have or what’s going on. Take the time to just breathe in deeply all the good things you have to be thankful for.

We can get so caught up in the hustle and bustle or all the problems we have, that we forget to look at all the blessings.

I’m sure there is plenty to complain about, but just test yourself and see how much you better you feel just by simply being thankful.

Not everyday is easy, and when your facing some of the hardest times in your life it may seem nearly impossible to find anything to be thankful for.

But there is. You may have to dig a little deeper to find it, you most certainly however can find it.

This year has been one of the roughest I’ve had in a very long time. Everything was going wrong, everything seem to be happening one right after the other.

I was exhausted, stressed, sad, angry, and discouraged plenty of times this year. Almost to the point of saying ” I can’t do any of this anymore”.

Until I realized that I somehow was also causing more havoc on myself in the storm I was already in, because of the way I was thinking.

Once I began to stop focusing on the problems so much, I was able to clearly see the solutions.

Changing my mindset from complaining to thankfulness has helped me tremendously.

Even though I’m still in this storm, it’s a little more tolerable when your not so focused on the issues but instead all the things you are really blessed with.

So, today even if it’s the littlest thing, be thankful for it. Have a thankful heart and see how much the universe opens up to you.

The storm may be rough, but always remember to look for the rainbow on the other side.


Tips For Practicing Thankfulness

1. Keep a Gratitude journal πŸ““

2. Daily prayer πŸ™πŸΌ

3. Keep a mental note of good occurrences πŸ€”

4. Speak positive affirmations about what your grateful for πŸ—£

5. Help someone less fortunate 🀝

6. Take time to appreciate and cherish what you already have ⌚️

P.S Happy Thanksgiving πŸπŸ‚

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