Rising Above

Author:  Myria Key


Untitled design (3).png



Tightening my grip in the present moment

Praying that the time doesn’t slip by me

No longer holding on to the negativity that tried to destroy me

B u t

Embracing the beauty of a REDEEMED soul

As I consciously am awaken to the power in which I’ve always withheld.

I  used to let things tear me d





now I use what comes against me to bring the best


out of me




Feeling more worthy than ever

after I’ve passed some of life’s

most HARDEST test



I’ve been down with nothing to my name,

Now I am R I S I N G UP to a place where everyone will know my name


Contemplating the next steps to take to keep moving forward

at peace with no longer looking at the past over my shoulder



Just as the caterpillar has to be a in a dark cocoon, I  have once been  in darkness too.

Through the process of being in darkness the light of transformation takes place.

Revealing the opportunity to break through, spreading my wings to a wholeness that I never knew.

Untitled design (1).png

R I S I N G above

Living life each day with Laughter and Love



Although My journey has just begun, it’s going to be amazing to

see how finally learning to spread my wings has freed me to be me.


Untitled design




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