How To Turn Discouragement into Encouragement

It’s easy to get discouraged when you look around at the life others our living. You look and ask yourself are you really living? Because it seems like everyone is living but it feels like you’re not. You look at their blessings, their looks, their lifestyle and feel as though you don’t measure up.

You question, when will you start getting blessed? You question when will you get to live the lifestyle you want to live?

So, as you sit and ponder, discouragement slowly begins to sneak in and take over. You lose hope thinking it will never happen. Your mind begins to race with thousands of thoughts from the past, present, and the future. You’re starting to think that your dreams will never happen.

But, I dare you to stop those thoughts in their tracks.

I dare you to search and really find the blessings you truly have. I dare you to look at yourself and see how worthy you really are.

I dare you to feel and know that God continuously blesses you each day with his eternal love that never fades away.

Wake up and see that the devil rewards his children openly with gifts that are empty and lost. There are many that are living their lives in vain. There are many that appear to be happy on the outside but are actually dying on the inside.

So, as you look at what the next has remember that.

Remember that you have a spirit that’s awakened while others are asleep.

Remember that your breathing in life when others are taking their last breath.

Remember that you have knowledge that surpasses the ignorance of the world.

Remember that you have food that nourishes the body when others are malnourished.

Remember that you have love when other are somewhere forgotten about.

Remember that you have freedom while others are wishing for it to happen.

O, my sweet soul…

Don’t be discouraged.

You have so more than you think you have.

You are so much more than you think you are.

You are on the right path and although it may feel lonely and slow moving, be encouraged that what’s to come is not only going to be rewarding but surely worth the wait.

(Below you will find the list of ways to turn discouragement into encouragement)

How To Turn Discouragement Into Encouragement

Author: Myria Key(

  1. First, just take sometime to be honest with the feeling of Discouragement. Sometimes we tend to run or hide from our emotions in fear of being judged or even dealing with them. However, the only way to get over something is to first acknowledge that it’s there.

2. Ask yourself why are you feeling discouraged? Are you really the reason? Or is it something that someone said or did? Was it a life happening that you weren’t expecting? Whatever, the case maybe, spend time meditating on what’s making you feel discouraged. 3. Once you know the why you can figure out the how. You can figure out how to change the feeling of Discouragement. Maybe, it’s you changing your perception. It could be surrounding yourself with positive and uplifting people. Or even a list of positive affirmations that could counteract the negative. 4. Always keep what you really want for yourself in your heart and mind. You have to really want what you say you want. Because, there is going to be some people and circumstances that will do anything to stop you from realizing your worth. Plant your feet firmly on what you stand for, and be able to let go of what you don’t need. Keeping in mind what you want will help you to stay motivated and push pass the feeling of Discouragement. Have something bigger than yourself to keep you going.5. Make a plan for “when” something tries to discourage you.To think that we will go through life without someone or something trying to tear us down is a false reality. That’s like tricking ourselves saying the world is made of cotton candy (we know it’s not lol), but still we don’t want to accept anything but true reality. Sometimes we just have to get to the point of accepting the world for what is, no matter how much we want to change it. We have to prepare and protect ourselves for when negativity does attempt to linger. This plan could be something like, ” When someone says negative things to me, I will in turn say 10 positive things to myself. Just take the time to get ready so you can be ready for when it happens. 6. Just continue to be you and stay focused. You only get one shot at life too be happy and do anything you set your mind too. Don’t waste it on letting negative emotions, people, or circumstances get the best of you. I hope that some of these ideas work for you, I know they have for me. The fight to stay encouraged is hard, and with all the negativity in the world it may get even harder. But just because something is hard doesn’t mean that it can’t be done. Yes, there maybe a lot of negative, but there can also be abundance of good if we are the ones that create.

“Create Your Reason To Stay Encouraged”

-Myria Key

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