Quotes To Help You Get Through Hard Times

Let’s face it not everyday is going to be an easy day. There will be times that we may feel as though life has managed to knock every breath of out of our bodies.   We will have days that are good and seem to run smoothly, and then days that everything seems to be falling apart.  However, on days when it is just extremely rough, we have to be able to find strength from somewhere to not only get through the day but to not give up either.

We all have rough days but it is how we choose to handle them that makes the difference.

We can all learn lessons even through the rough days if we will take the time to step back long enough to see what it is we can learn from the rough  situations that we may be encountering on a daily basis.

Although there maybe people or circumstances that make a bad day worse, I want to get give you these quotes to help you when you are having a rough day. Sometimes it is having positive energy and positive statements that will help you to get through it. So, I hope in some way these quotes will uplift you if you are facing some hard times on any day.

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  1. Henry Ford Quote
  • Sometimes the hard time is what molds us to being our best selves. Don’t let the hard times get the best of you. Instead use the hard times to be fuel to help you fly.

- When everything seemsto be going against you, (1)


2. Smile 🙂

  • Remembering to smile is one of the best things you can do during hard times. No matter what it is that we go through, if we look hard enough there are plenty more reasons for us to smile about.Smiling is a sign of happiness, love, peace, or maybe even laughter. Nonetheless, we have things and people that make us want to smile all day long. But just like any side of the coin we have things that don’t make us smile. We could go through anything like a bad relationship, the lost of a parent, job, or even friend. Sometimes, when we go through a lot we may become numb to the feelings that we have. I remember when I was so lost and down that , I couldn’t remember how to smile. Either way, I want you to know that you have more reasons to find and spread smiles than you do not to have one. Don’t let life steal your smile 🙂 

When Life gives you hundreds of reasons to cry,.png


3. Everything only last for a moment

  • It’s important to remember that moments in time are exactly that moments in time. There is nothing that last forever. That is why its’s important to not only cherish moments in time but see even the hardest times don’t last forever. This quote is by ” Charlie Chaplin”

Laundry Tricks.png



4. Think about all the things that you have gotten through in your life. You have made it through circumstances that in those moments you thought you couldn’t make it through. Faith is something that can help you weather any storm.

If God brings you to it he will bring you through it.png



5.  It’s important to remember that opposites attract. That, although there maybe lots of hard times in our lives, there is also room for great ones. - Although The World Is Full Of SufferingIt Is Also Full OfThe Overcoming Of It- (1).png

6. The road to anything in life is going to be difficult. However, through difficulties we learn and grow in ways that we wouldn’t if hard times wouldn’t force us to.  But even in the difficulty the victory is even better. Difficult Roads.png





7. In order to get to the milestones we must first fight through the moments of the journey that we are on. Each moment that we face can either shape us or break us.You Have to Fight Through Some Bad Days.png



8. Adversity, challenges, and troubles are all going to be things that happen in our life. No matter how much we would like to think that we should live without any troubles in the world, that’s just not the way the world is set up. So, accept the fact that you will have challenges no matter what it is that you do in your life. But, also know that even in those challenges you have enough power inside you to overcome them. 


9. Response or reaction, these two have vast differences. Are you responding with your problems with immense emotional feelings, causing you to panic. Or are you taking the time to breath deep, and figure out how to respond calmly to the problems you face? There is a difference, one leaves us drained and the other gives us the motivation to keep going. Check yourself and see how you are responding or reacting to certain things, then determine if its worth you doing that action.


10. Life just seems to not let up sometimes.  We can be coasting a long life with total ease one moment, and then sometimes it can seem like we are riding through the rocky desert. Life is full of ups and downs, and sometime you will get knocked down. But just because you get knocked down, doesn’t mean you can’t get back up. Just because something is difficult for you, doesn’t mean to give up. Life will push us to be our very best self, through the trials and tribulations in which we have. So, it is your choice whether you let life get the best of you or if you make the best of life.




It’s okay to have hard times, sometimes I feel like I have had more hard times then good ones. No matter what though, I have always used my pain and my problems to push me towards greater. You may be going through a hard time right now, and that’s okay because storms don’t last always.  Keep your head up and keep fighting your fight, there will be glory on the other side.



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( source: Seedsoffaith)


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