This Is What These Streets Will Do

Author: Tumas Hedrick

(Source:pxl eyes)

This is what these streets will do

Gotta watch ya people cause they plotting on you

Choppa bullets turn a nigga into some shark food

Felonies and a bunch of drug cases but i graduated i aint. no dummy fool

Been through alot of shit thats why i got a fucked up attitude

Trynna ease the pain smoking stupid blunts takes me to another altitude

No guidance in my life so i did what i had to do

Survived alot of shit got a golden heart and i show alot of gratitude

Homies turned to junkies thats why i aint trusting these hoes or these dudes

I wasnt given a chance it was this or not survive at all this is what i had to choose

Gotta win cause i cant lose

This is what the streets will do

Gotta watch ya people cause they plottin on you

Choppa bullets turn niggas into shark food

Niggas wanna get on some dumb shit just know i can go dumber

All black in the old school drop the window and turn niggas into road runners

Before the shell cases hit the ground burn rubber

Bitches doing set ups thats why i dont give out my number

This is what the streets will do

look im finna tell yall something that the OGs failed to tell me

now see theres levels to this shit its not what its made out to be

incase yall didnt know im talking about these cold unloving streets

shit my story is unheard of been through hell and i was barely 23

shit how i grew up was fucked up felon at the age of 16

where i come from ive lost more friends then i have enemies

i was 12 when i decided to start serving fiends

i done served it all shit i stayed on deck with what ever was in need

see they dont know what its like to want to cry but my eyes are empty

its a sad story but dont feel bad for me i dont need sympathy

we have all done alot of fucked up shit so how can the next man judge me

i refuse to go back to jail so i keep a gun and ready for a high speed

they only know my name they dont know my history

waking up in the middle of the night cold sweats reliving a bad dream

no matter what time of day it is i can still hear my screams

even when i close my eyes i can see that horrific scene


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