Unidentified Beauty


unidentified Beauty 3-1-2018






By: Myria Key







I degrade myself because of the choices that I have made that didn’t add value to who I was.

Allowing the cruel words of others or harsh realities to distort my view of self.


Unwillingly at times to accept the truth of a reality I never wanted.


Knowing that deep within the picture I had for my life surpassed the settling of what I accepted to begin with.

Everything I once felt my soul was, had faded away through the misfortunes and mistakes.

Lying to myself as if I still viewed myself the same.

Simply being unaware to the fact that it was more than just beauty and pain but more so a soul thing.


Feeling deprived of life from all the leeches attempting to suck me dry.


Searching for an answer that will replenish my true self, while also somehow feeling like I am dying inside.

Each time I look at myself, it digs a hollow hole in my self confidence, because of how everything played out differently.


Through all the trauma it makes it hard to see clearly who you are because after a while it seems that trauma is all that you are.

For the girl I once was, I no longer know.

Mesmerized with the thought of finding myself, while looking externally at the wrong ideals for answers. Seeing that it doesn’t help what I feel internally.


Wanting to internally be free from all hindrance that stops me from seeing where my true beauty lies.






Poem BIO:

This poem was a edited version of one that I had originally written in 2007. At this time, I was 15 years old. The original version is shorter, still deep but not in depth of what I am obviously as a woman. But nonetheless, the poem comes from the heart, and speaks true to past and some present feelings.


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