Being Stagnant

pexels-photo-558546.jpegCircle and cycles. Cycles are really just big circles. Habits, are in a sense going in a circle. These circles began to become comfortable. The comfortable becomes stagnation. The stagnant becomes more and more circles/cycles. It becomes possibly even further, deeper circles in cycles that cause your actions to be further into those then you were originally.

The problem with circles and cycles is that its hard to get out of them. Why do you think that 92 % of people don’t actually change, and live their dreams. Sometimes people either don’t want to break those circles or its just extremely hard to on their own and they end up just settling.

In a sense the patterns of actions in which become these cycles is the core issue. How are your actions effecting these circles? Is what your doing really making you happy or are you just going with the flow? Are the actions that you are choosing based upon pain that you still hold within? Influenced by others? Indecisiveness?





Ultimately, to get out of these circles we have to get down to what is influencing those actions, and really decide for ourselves what we really want.  In knowing what we really want, we can begin to manifest these for ourselves through new ways of learning, interactions with others, or any positive movement that is going to help us to break out of these cycles.


Also, knowing that we can’t do it alone. Pride can get in the way, and sometimes make you feel like one, you don’t need help, and two, you just can’t bring yourself to ask for help because you feel like a burden or people using it against you. But realize, that these cycles and circles are things that are developed, things in which you must in a sense battle your way through in order to break those things. You can’t always do that on your own.



There need to be things outside of you that feed into your life in the areas in which you really want to change for your life.  So, if your life is not like that, you can begin to seek out these things. Seeking them out, will influence you to begin to change your actions so that you can make your life how you really want your life to be.


I mean really want for your life. Stop being indecisive about something you want because of what maybe around, standards of the world, trauma  or opinions of others. All that is going to do is keep you in those cycles to.


Accepting the fact that if you really want what you say you want, you are going to have to put in the work in what you can control in order to do that. Even if you must take baby steps, at least you are taking steps.



Don’t be hard on yourself, and really meditate on what life YOU want to live. Clear out all the voices, all the mishaps, all the everything besides your voice.


Listen to what your heart, soul, and own mind are telling you.  Whatever it is you want, then do what it takes to get that. With everything that you have, despite anything that is been, is now or will come.



Get in tune with you, so that you can find the solution to get out of the cycles and be the person you want to be. The person that you already are inside you. But that just may need a little more support, information, healing, growth, and etc in order to do so.



If your willing to put in the work of working on you, then you will begin to work on everything else around you. Before you know it, you will begin to see the chains broken off the cycles in your life that are hindering you from being you and prospering.







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