Are you lonely or are you standing alone?

Standing alone in a world full of people is something that you think shouldn’t be possible. Yet, millions of people say that they feel alone.  How can it be possible for people to feel like they have no support when the world we live in screams of all the things it does to support you? It’s frustrating to think about how we as people may carry inside silent cries for belonging, acceptance, and understanding. However, they are either unnoticed or we bury them deep inside.

Is it that we stopped caring about what someone else is going through? Are we so caught up in the fast pace movement of technology, that we fail to establish relationships? Are we to wrapped up in ourselves as people?

Let me say that there is a difference between standing alone and being lonely. Although, many of us have encounter loneliness, not many of us have encountered standing alone.

What’s the difference you ask?

Well, standing alone is more like you are standing for something greater . You are standing for a bigger purpose whether that be changing of yourself, or contributing to something larger. Often times, we stand alone because we are standing for something outside of the normal.

For instance, right now in my life, I feel as though I am standing alone. ImI stand alone, in fighting for what I want for my life, despite all the people who don’t believe in me. I stand alone in being the support for people who can’t support themselves.

Standing alone doesn’t necessarily mean you feel lonely. It does,however mean that you see that the purpose in which you have for your life is greater than temporary emotions or circumstances. You realize that only YOU can take a stand to fulfill that purpose.

Loneliness, is more so a emotion than it is standing for something. When you are lonely, it’s typically because of something larger contributing to that loneliness. Many times, it’s emotions inside of emotions that trigger the feeling of loneliness.

For instance, when I lost my mother almost two years ago, I felt very lonely for a long period of time. I felt lonely because of the other emotions that I was feeling. I was feeling sad because I missed her so much, which in turned made me feel lonely because I wasn’t able to have her.

Loneliness is something that thrives off of negative emotions. Those negative emotions if not controlled then become a downward spiral into depression, anxiety, or other emotions. To me loneliness, takes power from us. I am not saying that it’s a bad thing to be lonely. Everyone has felt that before, and sometimes everyone needs alone time. What, I am saying is, that if not looked upon, the mixed emotions that come along with the feeling of loneliness can easily entangle you into a web of self pity, self doubt, and more negativity. Which in turn, may make you feel even worse than you did before.

Standing alone is something that thrives off of our passions. It thrives off of the possibilities and positive things in our lives. It’s what motivates us to continue to take a stand on a daily basis. It is where we find our power in our uniqueness. It is the gas to the engine in which pushes us to be our best selves. Standing alone is our awareness of who we are, what we are mean’t  to do, and who/what it is we are willing to fight for. This is where are strength derives from.

Whether standing alone or feeling lonely, there are all apart of our makeup. Who’s to say that you can’t feel both a time or two in your life. Who’s to say that just because you start your life journey standing alone, that down the line there won’t be people that will be willing to stand with you.

The key to both of these is understanding that not only are they interchangeable, but they are also a choice.  Just like with everything in life we have a choice in how something affects us.

Are we going to allow the feelings of loneliness to drive us deeper into a emotional pit?


Are we going to take a stand for ourselves and for something greater that motivates us to keep going?

Everything is based on how you look at it. One gives you power, one takes away. Either way though, we can add or take away from either choice.

We can choose to sulk in our loneliness crying poor me poor me. We can choose to open ourselves up to more relationships despite our vulnerability.

We can choose to fight for ourselves despite everything coming against us. We can choose to be so passionate about our purpose that it persuades others to care for it to.

The scenarios are endless.

The great thing is that these feelings are only temporary. Have hope, in knowing that even though you maybe in one season or the other in your life, that things are ever evolving. Take faith in knowing that there is possibilities beyond the feelings of loneliness.

We were created for connection. We were created for love.

No one is perfect.

No one wants to be alone.

No one person can change the world.

But we can however take a stand not only for ourselves, but for the ones who can’t stand.

So no matter where you find yourself today, remember that the choice alone is yours.


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