There is

By:Myria Key

There is hope.

There is joy.

There is peace.

There is love.

There is abundance.

There is limitless possibilities of positivity.

In order to become, we must do

In order to do, we must be

In order to be, we must flow

Finding our center to flow from within.

A transcending love of ones self that offers up a well deserved feeling of completeness

Knowing that it is only by our choosing that we are shaken up by life’s circumstances

Just as there is love there is also hate

Just as there is peace there is also chaos

Just as there is joy there is also sadness

Just as there is abundance there is also lacking

Just as there is positivity there is also negativity

With everything in life there is always two sides of the coin

The side we land on could solely be decided on how we choose to respond


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