Why Making Excuses Is Holding You Back

No more excuses it’s time to just do it. Time isn’t moving any slower, and aging isn’t either. How long will we play ourselves and act as if we have forever?

How many times are you going to wait until tomorrow? What if tomorrow never comes.

They say procrastination is the killer of many dreams. So why, do we keep procrastinating about being our best selves or reaching our dreams?

Is it the fear of failing?

Is it doubt within ourselves?

Do we allow our problems to steal so much of our focus in the present that we are blinded to future?

What’s stopping you from going after everything you want?

Why keep making excuses if nothing is getting done? Excuses are good for no one and only limit the potential in which you have. Some may say that it’s the constant demands of life that leave them depleted. This depletion then leads to what really needs to be done not getting done. So, how does one stop making excuses? Is it when you’ve had enough? When you just can’t take life another day the way it is. Well that’s one way to start getting things done. When we just become tired of not getting anywhere or always doing something different. Being tired is the first step to the realization that you need to change. Once you see how tired you are of living the way you are living then you must become MOTIVATED to do something different .Motivation is what’s going to keep you going. It’s the why behind your passion and your purpose. Figuring out why you really want something and hold on to it in your mind and heart. Give yourself a greater reason than yourself to stay motivated enough to not make excuses. Once we have found the motivation, then we must take action. There is no motivation without action behind it. We can’t expect anything to change, if we don’t take action to change it. Even if you have to write a to do list or look at your goals daily. You have to take a step somehow or someway, in order to move forward. We have to stop putting more on ourselves than we can handle in a given day. Be able to prioritize the most important things first, so it will leave you no room to make excuses. Say no to something if you have to. Just know that you only get one shot at life to go after everything you ever wanted. Don’t make excuses for why you can’t live or be the certain way you want. Because YOU can. Although it may require a little work as well as effort, if you don’t give up, it will surely come to pass. Let’s stop making excuses and start making ways.What’s one thing that’s been keeping you stuck? What has making excuses done for your life? If you would like to see a video with personal testimony and more tips Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE


6 thoughts on “Why Making Excuses Is Holding You Back

  1. Definitely true. We have to live in the moment and be intentional. A nice reminder in this message and encouragement to not let anything hold you back but propel you further towards you goals. What have excuses done for me? Nothing!! Keep spreading these positive messages.

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