Waging War Internally


By: Myria Key

Fighting demons on my shoulder that attempt to lure me away from my path into destruction.

Like I’m not already battling demons on the inside that continuously choke my existence.

They roam in my soul seeking to destroy me with constant reminders of the past or blinding me from my future with hopeless thoughts of giving up.

Just as there’s two sides to ever coin, my spirit roars inside of me with the truths of who I am that prevail over all of who I was.

The two are at war inside me.

One wanting to bring me UP.

The other wanting to tear me down.

Here I am in turmoil between the two.

Listening to demons, keeps me on edge and trapped in the victimhood of self pity.

The spirit stirs up a joy despite the trials and helps to create a faith for more.

Some days I’m depleted from the tug a war.

Everyday is a battle in which, I am the one who chooses which one wins or looses.

Feeding my soul with elevation.

Yet, my mind becomes sidetrack with evil tactics.

Realizing the power of something over me is only in which I give to it.

Even though the inner struggle is every going, the choice of freedom is mine.


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