Body Shaming Boyfriend Gets Dumped After Telling Girlfriend She Has A Beer Gut



Normally in relationships your partner is suppose to be there to uplift and encourage you.  There is suppose to be a love that is without judgement. However, for Shelby Johnson she received just the opposite of that when her partner sent a series of text describing his unhappiness about her stomach.  Which in these text he insists on telling her that she needs to lose weight because her stomach is looking similar to his and appears to look like a beer gut. Now, what kind of inconsiderate partner would dare insult his partner on one of the most sensitive topics to women, weight.


Beer gut

( Shelby Johnson, image source: Twitter)

After taking to twitter,  her post not only went viral but she received multitudes of  tweets from women not only giving positive comments but also telling her to dump the so called boyfriend. Shelby Johnson also uploaded another story post where she shared her journey about what she has went through her body. From a teen only weighing 90 pounds to a healthy adult weighing 120 pounds. Lets not forget to mention that in these pictures she doesn’t appear to have any said beer gut.


The best thing however is the self-love she showed herself by stating how happy she was with her current weight.


This should be a  valuable lesson to all men to not only watch what you to say to the woman you are with but also to just learn to love and accept a woman for who she is and what she has to offer. After all no ones perfect.

For the ladies this should be a sign of how important it is to love, honor, and know who you are and to be completely okay with it. It’s also important as women to stick together and empower one another.

Love yourself even in your imperfections because being perfectly imperfect is better than pretending to be something that your not.


( original source:

Shelbys Twitter : babyyygucci


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