Calm My Anxious Heart (Tips on How To)

In the stillness is when it seems like many thoughts hit you. Attempting to take captive each thought so that they don’t overtake you. Ignoring the lies the enemy tries to tell you.  Shifting through thoughts discarding what is not good and grabbing hold to what is. Seeing that the power of the mind is that in which is one of the greatest.

When we use this power  to feed into the negativity the anxiety becomes deeper. One thought leads to another and before you know it, an emotional wreck is something that you can easily become. Allowing thoughts like these, whether true or untrue to paralyze us in the moment. This then allures to hopeless thoughts that scream ” I’m never good enough, how much worse can get or that I won’t  make it”.

This is a cycle in which many desire to break.

Is this due to learned behavior, generational bondage, or experience of emotional abuse?

If it’s either of these or none of these , we have to be aware that continuing this unhealthy emotional roller coaster will slowly chip us apart, if we let it.

It’s like you can go days feeling good then BOOM out of nowhere here comes this emotional monster crashing your day with overthinking, depressive thoughts and overwhelming anxiety.

Before you know it that happy go lucky day has become you being a sobbing mess, laying in bed, crying out what’s next with your life. The severity of the symptoms of anxiety defer depending just on how much you feed that monster or if your anxiety is generational or not.

You Are In Control

This can blind you from seeing anything else. Sometimes you can go back and forth between reality, and this unrealistic world that is created by this monster, in which attempts to get you to believe that was is unrealistic is real and what is real is unrealistic.

Your emotions feel everywhere and so is your mind.

You know that you want to wake up from this nightmare.

You know that you don’t want to be here doing this “thing” again.

But your uncertain of where to even start to get yourself from this place.

You reach for a hand to help pull you out of this pit, yet either no ones there, they judge you, or you fear that no one understands.

You are at your wits end with yourself and these life wrecking emotions.

You feel depleted of energy from fighting yourself.

Where do you go from here?

How do you begin to climb out of a hole you seem to keep climbing in?

These spells this monster puts you in  can last as long as you feed into it.

It maybe minutes, hours, days, or even months.

The only determining factor of this is you.

It takes something or someone strong enough to help wake you up.

It takes factors outside of yourself to help you see that the monster that is blinding you is LYING!!!

That you are not those things it attempts to convince you that you are.  It’s lying when it tells you that you won’t make it. It’s lying when it tells you that things  you are facing are worse than they actually are.

You are however ,in fact GREATER than those things.

You Are Worth Fighting For

The monster is in your mind and it is battling for your soul. It is battling for your happiness, meaning that the monster wants to take all that is meant for good for you and make it bad.

The battlefield as they say is in your mind. The war is between the positive and the negative. The war is between the right and wrong. The battlefield is in the choices in which your mind gives you in handling certain situations that have been based upon your previous choices, environments, or current influences that surround you.

Learning to become aware of yourself, will help you to be more mindful in  what causes this anxiety. That level of self awareness and consciousness can begin to help you to learn to stop or control it before it gets out of hand.

You have to combat that negativity in your mind with thoughts of positivity. Just like you combat bad habits with good habits.

Then once the positivity begins to flow it’s like a light bulb goes off and you’re awaken from the spell into thoughts of hope. Seeing that you are more than capable to be and do all in which you set your heart on. That things aren’t as bad as they seem. You are able to have a clear mind and focus so you can see the truth of what is really going on within you. Solutions become possible.

In this case the power of your mind works for you and not against you.

Millions of people suffer from moderate to severe anxiety but many are afraid or ashamed to speak about it.  Or many want to speak about it but don’t know who to speak to or how to begin to take control of their anxiety.

So, below I wanted to share some tips that have helped me to control my anxiety. I used to not be able to go the grocery store or be in large crowds because my anxiety would get the best of me. However, with this journey that I have been on with consciousness it has opened my awareness and has allowed me the power to take my life back in my own hands. I no longer get those anxious feelings when it comes to those things.

I hope that these tips will help you in some way with yours.


These are just a few things that I have incorporated to help me with my anxiety. Also, there are so many others that I am discovering as well.

Let me just say that the biggest key is to be patient and love yourself through this. You didn’t get there over night and the issues wont be fixed overnight. But you can and will get there with consistent effort, and knowledge that you can use to help you get there. Everything in life is a journey, and this is a tough part on that journey.

I know that if I can do it you can do it. Beginning to be more conscious and aware of yourself is something that will help you to see warning signs, and will also help you to dig deep to find the true reasons why you may be feeling what it is your feeling.

This internal journey is not easy but it is one worth fighting for, because who you are on the inside is your truest self.  You my friend are worth fighting for.

What do you do to help you with your anxiety?

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