Tap Inwardly

Poetry by: Myria Key

Let your soul do the talking

Let your mind take a break

Don’t focus on the problems

Stop letting the pain get the best of you

Let your heart feel again

Break the ice that’s surrounding it

Let love heat it up

Your perceptions is what brings you life or death

Don’t rush the process

Remember greatness takes time

Enjoy every step of your journey even through the hard times

There is blessings all around you

Be still enough to see them happening

Each day you wake up is an opportunity

Don’t waste it on things that don’t serve you

For you are capable of doing and being anything

Don’t let your past stop you from living fully presently

Don’t let the present circumstances, make you lose hope for the future

Tap inwardly to the power in which you have

Bring forth your truest self

Be unafraid

Be bold

Be conscious

Be creative

Be unapologetic

Be all in which you were created to be

You only get one day at a time

So take the day you have and live life more abundantly


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