Your True Self


_Be Bold,Be BraveEnough To BeYour True Self_


You are an amazing being. Just think about all the things you’ve been through yet your still standing.

Look back on all the times that you felt like giving up but you persisted.

When you didn’t even have the strength to get out of bed yet you did.

You persevere each day even when life is hard.

There have been many people in your life that haven’t treated you right, but you still find love to give.

You may have taken many losses or even set backs, however you get back up and keep going.

You go out of your way for people, doing for them sometimes, even before yourself.

Hard work is something that you always do

The talents you have are those only God can give

You have a light that brightens any room


Even on your darkest days

You find a reason to shine.

Sometimes it’s hard to look within ourselves to see all of the essence of the magnificent beings we truly are.

We sometimes get so caught up in the past, pressures of the present, and predictions in the future.

The expectations of others, or even just the fear of what others will think , stop us from letting our  TRUE selves out.

That’s the thing, you need that!

You need to show the world your truest self. The one that’s already inside you but just being buried under obligations, opinions, hurts, expectations, self doubt, fear and other reasons that is blocking your truest self from being shown.

Being able to uncover all that stuff, will begin to reveal your TRUE self. Therefore, helping you to love yourself more as well as your life.

Remember, however that it’s all one step at a time.

It’s a process.

Opening your self awareness


Learning to love yourself

Seeing the world and people for what it really is

Finding your power in knowing that “things” and “people” outside of you have no power unless you give it to them

Applying yourself

Self growth

It’s a beautiful journey full of good and bad, emotional days, stable days,planned, unplanned circumstances, opportunities, and more , really.

Eventually though, you begin to see the beauty in the journey as well as the one taking the journey. Meaning ,  YOU!!! You owe it to yourself to be the phenomenally, unorthodox and out of this world person that YOU are.

Because… YOU ARE!



Perhaps we are.png

What is something that you love to do to stay true to you?

Discuss Below in the comments


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