How to learn to be more grateful

Rocky roads, uphill mountains, over the woods it seems as though that’s where life takes us. Just figuratively speaking.

In those moments is when we could begin to focus more on the problem(s) or what we don’t have. In comparison to thinking about being grateful, in other words thankful for what we do have.

I, myself have noticed the difference in my actions, as well as my overall perspective.

In doing so, I’ve also made the observation that choosing to be more optimistic in thinking generates a more productive outcome and action.

It is a mind thing for sure.

Not all days are easy but teaching yourself the habit of thankfulness we’ll improve your everyday life.

Below you will find ways on How To Learn To Be More Grateful.

How To Learn To Be More Grateful

1. Waking up in the morning

Remembering that if given the chance to see the rising of the sun in the morning, you should be grateful for that. That’s a good way to start with gratefulness being that not everyone may wake up the day that you do.

2. Looking at what you have

In the morning is a great time to reflect and soak in what it is you do have around you. If your not a morning person that’s fine, just find a time that works for you. You can reflect in various ways that work for you. Whether that is a notebook, speaking or, praying, phoning a friend, and etc. When negative thoughts of what you don’t have attempt to down you or pressure you, remember that there are many people wishing to have what it is that you have. Not only that show yourself love and patience, knowing that all things take time.

3. Making the most with your time

If given the chance to awake, means that you are also blessed with living more time. If you really want what you say you want with your life, look at where your time is going. Then learn to be grateful for the time by spending it more wisely on the things that are going to get you where you want to be. Not only that just learning to appreciate your time, knowing that it doesn’t last forever.

4. Be giving of what you have

Another way to show gratefulness is to give to those who maybe less fortunate. Even volunteering would be both giving of what you have as well as giving time. Those are just an example, however you see fit in giving that could help you learn to be more grateful. Giving of yourself, makes you want to go harder in what you do so that you could continue to do it for yourself and for those around you, as you see to it. That also includes being able to do for the ones you love.

Gratefulness is really what you make it. For me I am thankful for Jesus Christ because without him I wouldn’t understand what it truly means to be thankful. But even if you don’t have a spiritual or religious context you can still learn to appreciate what you have while also continuing to work on what it is you want.


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