What do you have to lose?

What do you have to lose? What do you have to gain? What do you have to lose if you choose to do the same things you have been doing? What do you have to lose in do something different and really working towards what you really want for your life?

Often times we are so caught up in the idea of wanting something new, that we never actually do anything different.

We just dwell on the thought of, without the necessary actions to make it happen.

For instance, maybe one of your goals has been to lose weight, yet you have never been able to commit to working out or eating healthy.

In moments like this, is when we can ask ourselves what do we have to lose?

How many times have you tasted a cupcake or Pepsi? How many times have you tasted being healthy and having endless energy?

When you ask yourself this question and see that the answer to the first question has been plenty and the second question is no.

In comparison, you begin seeing that by doing the same action you are not losing or gaining anything but choosing to not do something new is causing you to lose and to gain nothing.

You are losing out on all the things that could come about from that change.

Continuing with this example it may be that you lose out on energy, feeling healthy, looking good, and maybe even getting the proper nutrition.

Seeing it from this perspective allows you to see that the instant satisfaction from well known habits is not worth what you could gain long term from changing your habits into better ones.

This can apply with anything in your life from parenting or your career.

We must do what it takes to get what we want from our lives. Knowing it is far more important to sacrifice and make the changes to gain something greater than it is to continue to stay the same.

So the next time you want to make an excuse for not doing something you say you want to do… ask yourself if you have more to gain or lose in not doing so.

We must do what it takes or continue to go through a cycle of stagnation.


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