Looking inside of you instead of outside of you

Don’t be so caught up in what you need to obtain physically, that you miss out on what the universe really wants for you.

Instead, think about what you need to do to change the inside.

The inside is where your most precious assets lies.

We are under the impression that having things will change how we feel. And, although instant gratification can give us a temporary feeling of happiness, it does fade away.

Using things outside of who we are sends us on a rat race for the next outfit, tech item, car, house, and etc. Attempting to use the next big thing to make us feel better.

However, the real issue lies within. If we would get to the root of our unhappiness, frustration, difficulty and etc on the inside, then we wouldn’t need so much outside “stuff” to make us feel better.

Working on the inside first allows us to deal with the trauma, memories, and etc that maybe hindering us from the life and perception we really want.

We should use things outside of us to just add to who we are verse attempting to use those, to make us who we are.

Bottom line things won’t change you. Only you can change you.

Start being aware of who it is you truly are, what it is your soul is needing, figure out what it is you need to confront and let go of so that you can flourish

I promise you that if you work on the richness within, the richness of anything else seems invaluable.

Remember you are priceless!

Inner transformation for outward transcending


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