What Trump Can’t Do

There has been so much controversy and chaos over Donald Trump winning the presidential election in this years race. This race has been one of the toughest one yet for the citizens of America. It seemed as though people were really rooting for Hilary in this years election. The race came to a very close call … Continue reading What Trump Can’t Do


The Best Things To Do For Fun Without Spending Money- Over 150 things

There are plenty of things that we can do with our friends without spending money, however we don't always know exactly what to do with our friends that don't involve spending money.   In the parameters of today's society, the world is constantly pressuring us to think that if we aren't spending money, or have some … Continue reading The Best Things To Do For Fun Without Spending Money- Over 150 things

How To Work On Your Dream Everyday

The everyday task of living, and several priorities can make us feel as though we have little to no time to work on our dreams. We may get sidetracked with the wants and needs of others, rather than focusing on what it is that we truly want for our lives. We begin to get habits … Continue reading How To Work On Your Dream Everyday

Losing Values, Virtues, and Morals

I can remember when I was in elementary school how we had virtues that we had to remember, practice, and could also win awards for doing. I can remember these virtues being anything from Cooperation, Perseverance, Respect, Responsibility and etc. I can remember the teacher distinctively talking to us about each one of these,and how … Continue reading Losing Values, Virtues, and Morals

Gratefulness on Thanksgiving

grate·ful ˈɡrātfəl/ adjective feeling or showing an appreciation of kindness; thankful. Its always amazing to me how the time with family on this day is getting shorter and shorter because of black friday deals. Check out what I said about that in my post  Remembering whats important during the holidays.  We say that we are thankful … Continue reading Gratefulness on Thanksgiving

Remembering What is Important During The Holidays

DEALS!!!!  DEALS!!! SALE!! %% off here and there! Is what is starting to become the norm for our society. We are slowly crowding whats suppose to be FAMILY time with endless present shopping , cutting Thanksgiving short,  and everyone on the hunt for the greatest deals. Sometimes we are in such a hunt that people … Continue reading Remembering What is Important During The Holidays