Poetry: By Myria Don't give in Don't give up Life is waiting on you to create your masterpiece Let go of the hurt Grab hold to the joy Life is more than what you've been through You must go through in order to grow through Life is waiting for you to make the most of … Continue reading Living


Young souls

By:myria key Today was a good day Laughter Growth Reflection Looking at young souls Going crazy over candy While enjoying the simplicity of one another's company No complaints No negativity Pure gratefulness even just for the sweetness of a cookie O what young souls full of life Full of boundless energy Be young souls be … Continue reading Young souls

In the moment

Sometimes you just have to let certain people and situations go that you don't have control over. Verses waiting for them to do it, you must decide what it is you want for yourself. Realizing no matter what you want for someone else it will never manifest if they don't want it for themselves. But … Continue reading In the moment

Detached Soul

Poetry By: Myria     Souls aimlessly wondering emptily Quietly screaming to be filled with more than temporary substance Each soul unique in it's own way Yet Seeking acceptance Longing To be free from bondage Torments from the past Clinging towards hope of the future Souls valuable Yet Not valued as they should be Disconnected … Continue reading Detached Soul

Living Life

Poetry By: Myria Key   Living Life like there's no tomorrow because tomorrow may never come. Learning to appreciate the simple things like the rising of the sun. Keeping the bigger picture in perspective so I don't slip up and lose my perception. Realizing that I've already lost a lot so there's nothing left to … Continue reading Living Life