Detached Soul

Poetry By: Myria     Souls aimlessly wondering emptily Quietly screaming to be filled with more than temporary substance Each soul unique in it's own way Yet Seeking acceptance Longing To be free from bondage Torments from the past Clinging towards hope of the future Souls valuable Yet Not valued as they should be Disconnected … Continue reading Detached Soul



By: Myria Key Through pain you find strength Strength in which helps bear the pain Somehow searching for tangible things To ease the pain After a while those things don't even numb the pain So where do you find strength? Some may find it from God up above Or Does the strength come from the … Continue reading Strength

Living Life

Poetry By: Myria Key   Living Life like there's no tomorrow because tomorrow may never come. Learning to appreciate the simple things like the rising of the sun. Keeping the bigger picture in perspective so I don't slip up and lose my perception. Realizing that I've already lost a lot so there's nothing left to … Continue reading Living Life

Waging War Internally

Poetry By: Myria Key Fighting demons on my shoulder that attempt to lure me away from my path into destruction. Like I'm not already battling demons on the inside that continuously choke my existence. They roam in my soul seeking to destroy me with constant reminders of the past or blinding me from my future … Continue reading Waging War Internally

This Is What These Streets Will Do

Author: Tumas Hedrick (Source:pxl eyes) This is what these streets will do Gotta watch ya people cause they plotting on you Choppa bullets turn a nigga into some shark food Felonies and a bunch of drug cases but i graduated i aint. no dummy fool Been through alot of shit thats why i got a … Continue reading This Is What These Streets Will Do

Drug’n and Dreaming

Author: anonymous The author of this poetry submission wanted to remain unknown. (Source : YMA Freedom) What do you like Is it the feel of the rush, that warm sensation. Or the pain from the poke that sharp penetration. Or the stimulation when your eyes roll back from the nood, like pure meditation No love … Continue reading Drug’n and Dreaming