Rising Above

Author:  Myria Key       Tightening my grip in the present moment Praying that the time doesn’t slip by me No longer holding on to the negativity that tried to destroy me B u t Embracing the beauty of a REDEEMED soul As I consciously am awaken to the power in which I’ve always … More Rising Above

Just Living

When life gets hard it can be complicated to remember to just breathe and live. The struggles that we endure on a daily basis can make us feel as though we are not living at all. We may even get to the point that we feel like nothing is working, and there is no one … More Just Living

Color Blind

This is a poem inspired by the racial diversions that we have in the United States, right now. I plan to be touching more on these subjects in the future, but for now this is a start.   Color Blind Poetry Video