Love Can’t Be Chained

There is aching in my heart, longing to have my father physically free and here with me. My Heart has always felt a empty piece from all these years of distance, and bondage. This life of prison visits, short phone calls, constant watch from guards, and ridiculous rules, was never asked for.  I never asked … Continue reading Love Can’t Be Chained


Unedited Life Photography#4 Light vs Darkness

Darkness had once been intertwined into my existence. The darkness had submerged from forcefully prowling its way into the pieces of me that were meant to keep my life flowing.  The unwanted obstacles of life,  the harsh realities of toxic dysfunction, the loneliness of abandonment, the insecurities from no support, the feeling of being lost … Continue reading Unedited Life Photography#4 Light vs Darkness

Unedited Life Photography #3

  Sitting in  what seems to be a somberly place, yet  somehow traces of light seem to squeeze their shining rays through. The dullness around me makes me think of the all the dark moments in my life that have managed to surround me to the point of suffocation.  Looking in every direction to be … Continue reading Unedited Life Photography #3

Unedited Life Photography #2

The value of older things can be immensely greater than the value of items that we have today. The value of items from older times in history are scarce to find, as well as not valued today as much as they truly should be. These items can be fun to look for, and collect to … Continue reading Unedited Life Photography #2

What is Unedited Life Photography?

If we look around at everything in our world today we will see that everything seems to be perfectly together. We portray the image of the perfect family, perfect school, perfect life, perfect country,  and perfect body. The key word however is portray, we can portray as if everything is perfect in our world, however … Continue reading What is Unedited Life Photography?